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    New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

    Can anyone compare the T1 Gen 2 bass to the DT880 for me, more/less?. I'm thinking of buying a used T1.2 and the DT880 is my only reference for Beyer house sound. Similar sound signature?
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    Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

    "6sn7 is super linear and offensive to no one's listening palate but the 6dj8 has a beautiful coloured tone that is addictive. it also needs the anode plate voltage to be lowered to around 130v for the 6dj8 and 150v for the 6922 and 7308 to function a long time. it'll work fine at 200v on the...
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    Audeze LCD-1

    I did like the soundstage on the DT880 and the linear bass response but alas I gave them to a friend. Will need to audition the LCD-1 before deciding on it or perhaps the DT1990 instead. Thanks for the info!
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    The Official Echobox Explorer Thread

    I waited for so long for it and really wanted to like it. Sold it at a heavy discount.
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    The Official Echobox Explorer Thread

    @makethemusic I appreciate your reasonable and considered response to my post. I truly did want the explorer to be the amazing device that solved my audio needs. The members here who are bringing their own audio collections (flacs, CD rips etc.) and are happy to function offline in airplane...
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    The Official Echobox Explorer Thread

    I have a solution for you and this is what I did. Sell you Explorer, I mean it, save yourself the grief and buy another DAP that will sound just as good and be a hundred times more reliable, if admittedly far less interesting. I loved everything about my explorer, the look, the feel, the...
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    Massdrop x Grace Design SDAC - a budget beast

    And yet my post seems a little prophetic now doesn't it, with the way Massdrop has handled the release of their latest 3 items... I was not challenging the coverage by Project86 at all. I read his review with great interest. I apologise if it read that way. I too was astounded by the quality of...
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    The Official Echobox Explorer Thread

    Will uninstalling and sideloading the new tidal apk like this preserve the files I have saved for offline use in the tidal app or will I loose all these and have to re-download them, major bummer!
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    What Amp/ DAC you will take with Fostex TH-X00?

    Can only comment on my current setup but I prefer the O2+ODAC combo over my AuneT1 (7308 tube) with the TH-X00. I find the bass is a little quicker on the O2 while the tube amp bloats the mid bass a bit too much. That said I'd take the tubes over solid state for my DT880 any day of the week, so...
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    [REVIEW] Woo WA6 vs Schiit Valhalla vs ALO Pan Am. The hard sell.

    Hey Bigsby,   Great review of some very popular tube amps. You say in your post "Compare this to the WA6 Australian price of $699". Where were you sourcing your WA6 from at this price?? Most places I look retail the WA6 for ~$1000. So the price difference to the Pan Am would be less...
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    Alessandro Music Series MS1 FAN CLUB!

    Awesome, well I might give the venting a go then :-)
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    Aune T1 USB Tube DAC+ SS Amp Discussion Thread ***See first post for FAQ--Updated on 02/14/15***

    Hey Milan,   Did you resolve the issue of 24bit on the Aune Mk2's? I saw the literature on the Massdrop forum but was very confused. Can you point me to the software needed to make the changes to enable 24bit playback, if this is even possible?   Can't really be bothered sending my unit back...
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    Shure SE215 Headphone Equivalent

    Hi All,   I own a pair of Hifiman RE-0 and a pair of Shure SE215 earphones/IEMs. Of the two I prefer the sound signature of the Shure's. Can anyone suggest a fullsize headphone with an equivalent signature to the SE215's. IMO this means a more fullish bass (not overwhelming) and forward mids...