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    foobar + remote = ?????

    Quote: Originally Posted by uzziah can i use a remote control with foobar on my pc? it would be nice to sit on the other side of the room and skip tracks. Yes, that's possible. I've set it up using Girder ( which receives the remote control signals via the...
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    My Wallet Says 'Hi'

    Quote: Originally Posted by HybridVision 6. Price - < $200. 7. Location - UK. This appears to be quite a problem. There are absolutely no places to audition headphones anywhere near me, or even not-so-near me. Availability of electrical stuff seems really bad here in the uck. I'm...
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    Go on then...list of HF-1 serial numbers

    #92 reporting in from Germany. Took 'em quite a long time to get here. No comments on the sound yet as I'm at work and don't have anything with a large headphone-socket here
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    Post Your Top 3 FPS!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Archangel 1. Operation Flashpoint I knew I was forgetting something important. For me Flashpoint also ranks VERY high. Played it for months (single player). Someone also mentioned the Hitman series and I have to agree. Great games even though I...
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    Post Your Top 3 FPS!

    Best three Deus Ex (how come that hasn't been mentioned yet???) Halflife (the original) Far Cry closely followed by: Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (haven't played any others yet) Quake 3 Jedi Knight 2 Halflife 2
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    Need advice on how to "clean up" pictures?

    Quote: Originally Posted by saint.panda archosman, thanks. Which tool/option did you use? Not sure what he used but I would use the magic wand tool (shortcut W) to select the background. Start by selecting most of it by hand using the Marquee or the Lasso, then do the finer...
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    What messenger program do you all use?

    Quote: Originally Posted by xixco semi-related question: what are the pros/cons of miranda? For quite a while now I have been using Miranda and I don't really like it that much. Out of the box it doesn't offer much and has to be upgraded with plugins to be up to speed. And since...
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    What messenger program do you all use?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rsaavedra Skype, but after this thread I now feel curious about this Gaim. Does it do VOIP as nicely as Skype? I don't think Gaim offers VoIP at all, that's really Skypes strong point. While I also have Skype and use it for chat whenever possible, I...
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    Audigy 2ZS and an External DAC.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mith I am thinking about upgrading my source. I currently have a Hercules GameTheater XP. Unfortunately there seems to be a good deal of interference from the DVD-ROM drive. I was thinking I could get an Audigy 2ZS for gaming purposes and then run the optical...
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    How does Audigy 2 Digital out work?

    I wouldn't worry too much about that voltage thing. Right now I am using the digital out of my Audigy 2 ZS connected to an M-Audio SuperDAC and it works fine. Just use a stereo or mono 1/8" to RCA converter and you will have the digital signal for the first two channels (and digital passthrough)...
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    Favorite police (or related) crime dramas?

    Quote: Originally Posted by scrypt Finally: Someone with whom I can agree. The Wire does feel like a novel -- intentionally so. The emphasis on codes is really an excuse for linguistic complexity; it allows for a chamber music of dialects. Uhmmm......yes You're referring to...
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    Favorite police (or related) crime dramas?

    My favorite is "The Wire" Great story and setting, interesting characters and good acting. Perfect. More like a long movie than a series. "The Shield" is also very good but a little overdrawn. Judging by the first few episodes I've seen I also like "Veronica Mars". Not exactly a...
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    Philips Aurilium for Movies?

    Have you already tried a pure software-solution like WinDVD or PowerDVD? Both have Dolby Headphone which downmixes the multichannel Dolby Digital sound to a stereo signal intended for headphones. For me (and many others on Head-Fi) the virtual surround effect works very nicely. Other virtual...
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    Have any of you guys read any books by Tim O'Brien?

    'nother one for "The Things They Carried". I've read it a few years back and really enjoyed it. Having watched the not very well known movie "A Soldier's Sweetheart" I wanted to read the story it was based on so I got the book. Can't say whether it's the best of the ones you mentioned but a good...
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    EMU 0404 virtual surround in games?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mattpwill What is the difference between the actual headphones of the HD595s and these 5.1 headphones? Are the 5.1s designed specifically for 5.1 surround by using directional and multiple drivers (which...