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    Schiit Asgard2, Matrix M-stage or ifi iCan?

    Hi, i just want upgrade my portable amp(arrow 4g) to a desktop amp, i have tohugh about these three. -Schiit Asgard2 -Matrix M-stage -Ifi iCan I wan a warm amp, neutral but the bass needs to be present. The headphones im going to use it are Denon D2000 and Fidelio x1, and Sony mdr1r, but this...
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    My first budget full size amp(im between o2,e9k and schiit magni)

    Thanks, my budget is not too high, at this moment i only can buy an amp maybe 150$ máx, the source is an an IPhone 4 vía lod, in the future i will buy a dac to use with my laptop. So what im looking now is for a desktop amp like fiio e9 but with just a little more bass emphasis. For portable use...
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    My first budget full size amp(im between o2,e9k and schiit magni)

    Hi, i have been using an iphone with an arrow a long time and its quite nice but today i tryed a fiio e9 and i was blown away with the space/air and detail the e9 gives me, the sound is much bigger. I consider the e9 better than the arrow in some areas. So im considering to get a full size...
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    Complement for Denon D2000

    I dont need a basshead can, fot that i already have the d2000's, m looking for something with better mids, highs, and soundstage in a close can, otherwise i will try the fidelio x1 and decide after that, thanks
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    Complement for Denon D2000

    Probably i will try them in next weeks, but i read the fidelios x1 have a little reccesed mids. And the more important, i can get it for around 240$ while the a900x are 160$ from japan, maybe 200$ with custom dutys. so i think the a900x would be a better choice.
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    Complement for Denon D2000

    First Thanks to all for the recomendation, are really aprecciated.    I listened to some ultrasondes like dj1 pro and pro750 and its not my signature, too piercing highs, metallic sound(for me).   I live in Spain and the cheapest i can get them is for about 350$, so its out of my...
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    Complement for Denon D2000

    Hi, today, after trying an at ad900x, im sure that i need something closed with more bass impact. I already have a pair of denon d2000 which i find excellent for modern music with a lot of bass, but i fint the mids too recessed and the highs piercing, so basically what im searching for a...
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    Are ad900x or ma900 an upgrade from HD598?

    Hi, i already have Hd25,mdr1r and Denon D2000, so i think i have enought closed cans, so im looking to upgrade my Hd598, i listen to all kind of music(usually pop and trance), i need an all rounder(for basshead music i have the closed cans), the sound i like is spacious, forward mids, decent...
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    The WS99/WS77 PG 57..

    Im searching for an all rounder headphone, i already have mdr1r and hd25, but i find mdr1r not very balanced, too much mids and hd25 too harsh but with better timbre, im between these ws99 and es700, i listen to all kind of music, but trance most, but what i want is a balanced headphone, nice...
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    Headphone Sightings 2

    Here in Spain is really hard to see a person wearing nice headphones, in my town impossible, only beats..., in big citys the best headphone i saw was an hd25 adidas or mdr1r, no more...
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    V Moda m80 [UK]

    That price have shiping cost included? If not ,How much ship to Spain? Regards
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    The JVC HA-S500 thread.

    How this compares to the hd25's? Are in the same level? Are similar or diferent in sound signature? Im looking for something similar with less sibilant mids and more power on the lows
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    JDSLabs C421 Preorder is live...

    This amp have enought power for the hd600 for example? Its much better than the fiio e11?
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    Vsonic gr07 mk2, jvc fxt90 or yamaha eph-100 for electronic music?

    Hi, im looking for a pair of dynamic iems for on the go, i actually have a pair of westone um3x, and i love it, but i want something with more soundstage, something that sounds bigger, i like powerfull bass with good subbass(something like denond d2000), i usually listen to Electronic music and...