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    tube rolling suggestions

    Regarding the tube adapters, where can you buy those? Also, who or where is a good source for either the 6sn7 and/or 5687's or 6bl7gt/6bx7gt's output tubes? Thanks, Greg
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    K701/K601 Thumb UP or Thumb DOWN?

    Originally posted by mrarroyo Quote: I love my K701, very detailed and good bass. It blows away the HD600. I agree wholeheartedly. The 701's are far superior to the HD600's I'm eventually goin to get e thread on this as well as the DT880's (all 3 in my possession at thie time ) I...
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    AKG K701 Review Thread

    Originally posted by Patu Quote: They still sound bright and harsh even after cable upgrade. It helped a little but not enough. I'll keep them burning in for some time and try then again. Did I miss something? What cable upgrade are you referring to? I was under the impression from...
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    Best Cable Upgrade for HD600's?

    OK, opinions please. What is considered the best cable upgrade for the 600's and why? Please provide as much details as possible or links to info of this nature. Thanks, Greg
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    Curse you "SACD Lover"!!!

    Twice I posted asking for advice on tube amps and twice you "insisted" I look at the ppx3 slam. I tried resisiting. I really did!!! However, after a phone call with Mikhail today, I gave in. It's all your fault! I was trying to be a good doobie and keep it around $500 but I'm weak. Resistance is...
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    What is your latest/ next headphone purchase?

    Was going to got for thre DT 880's until word came out about the 601/701. So, I'm just in a wait and see mode...but it will be one of these.
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    Woo Audio 3, Little Dot 2,3-Which One?

    KZEE, thanks for the suggestions. Can you purchase the amperex and tung sol tubes with the amp or go to another source? If so, where can they be bought? Also, having the amp configured this way, is this an option that is readily avaialable or is it special order? Did you contact them via email...
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    Woo Audio 3, Little Dot 2,3-Which One?

    Quote: Originally quoted by Stephen MUrphy: I thought the ppx3 was beyond your budget unless you find a used one and now you want Greg to bust the bank with one too?? Oh well, its only money... Thanks Stephen! Couldn't have said it better myself. Looks like the WA-3 needs more...
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    AKG K 701 - I am excited

    Originally posted by flecom i seem to have accentally pre-ordered some 701's also... damn whats the world coming to Man, how can you pre-order these without any feedback or reviews whatsoever? And they don't even offer a discount or anything considering you're buying an unheard product...
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    x5l cradle problem?

    OK, just got my cradle and it did the same thing. How did you go about setting the unit up to USB hub mode? Thanks, Greg
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    Upgrade Advice Please

    I currently own a set of SR60's as well as a 1987 set of DT 990's. Quite honestly, the SR60's soundmuch better. I am listening via an X5L into an SR-71. The amp really made a difference with the Grado's so now I'm convinced I need better. I thought the DT990's would do better once amped (and...
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    Bought an SR-71 from Ken. Amp was in perfect condiotion as advertised. Very good transaction; communication and delivery were spot on. Would definitely do again. Cheers, Greg
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    SR-71 value going down?

    Well, I did end up buying ken36's SR-71. I won't disclose the amount (don't know what the proper ettiquette is) but it was below his asking price of $325. The reason for me is simple. I've seen several go on sale recently for $350 and that just doesn't make sense to me. Considering a new is...
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    FS: PIMETA-Plus headphone amp

    What did you lower it to? BTW, as a newbie in this site, what does ygpm mean. I assume pm means private message but I guess I don't know what the yg means. thanks, Greg