Head Gear Reviews by extrabigmehdi
  1. Shure SRH1540 Headphones

    4.50 star(s)
        I was relatively happy with the sound of my srh940. However, the band of my srh940 started to crack seriously, and with all the scotch  and glue to maintain the band, it was just an ugly mess. So the srh1540 with a superior design, was a natural choice to replace my srh940.   Physical description: Here are some pics, to compare with to my (old damaged) srh940. The box height of sr1540 is significantly bigger.               Sound quality: They sound fine with most musics. No "wow" factor, I didn't find them superior with...
  2. Yamaha EPH-M100 High-Performance Earphones

    4.50 star(s)
       Sound quality:     When I  tried the eph-100 for the first time ,  I  can't say there was a "wow factor" ; however they just sounded "fine". From my cowon player s9, I  tried to play with the different jeteffects to "enhance" the sound, but none of the DSP really  made an interesting difference .Hence , if you don't have any good eq, or DSP  on your mp3 player, you won't miss this with the eph-100. There's one thing that becomes slowly addicting while listening to the eph-100 : it's their exceptional airy sound. They sound as open, as...
  3. Sennheiser Adidas HD 25-1 II Orginals Headphones (Black/Blue)

    2.50 star(s)
    Sound quality: I  can't understand all the fuss about these headphones. These are not "high fidelity", and are a bit frustrating when you are used to better full size  headphone (or even IEM). I  found  them a bit muffled. Bass: The bass thump/impact is here , but lacks variation, it sounds like a single note. In comparison my cheaper but discontinued senn IE7  offers much richer bass. Mids: The vocals are where the hd25 II 1 shine best , I guess because they are quite forward. But still, I  found some weirdness in the mids, they lack cohesion...
  4. Shure SRH 940

    3.50 star(s)
    Sound quality: I must say that I was quite disconcerted by the sound signature of these headphones when I tried them first. I was not completely happy with what I was hearing, and despite the fact I was impressed by some of the qualities of the headphone (very detailed), especially when using a good source like the Xonar Stx, I felt frustrated. The good news is that I noticed later, that the sound I get from the srh940 is quite sensitive to way I position the headphones, and most of my dissatisfaction was gone. The following diagram, is a perhaps...