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    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    I'm pretty stoked the LCD3s are still getting some loving! Don't mind me, I'm just briefly getting back in touch with my cans. Was verifying with my 2016 LCD3Fs that what I was hearing with my speakers was correct. Which is that the Matrix Audio Element H PCIE USB card really does result in a...
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    New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

    After my long-serving DAC-19 died at the end of a drawn out degradation in SQ, I got a Denafrips Ares II. I really have no clue why there's so much praise for it because it was utterly inferior to the DAC-19 in every way but worst of all in clarity. It did work decently with my less resolving...
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    New Audio-gd DAC-19 [10th Anniversary Edition]

    So unluckily for me, my DAC-19 is in its death throes - 4 years & 1 month old. Where it used to sound great all the time, it has been a crapshoot and more often than not it sounds medicore and lacks clarity and transparency. I theorise that there might be some degraded capacitors in there...
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    New Audio-gd DAC-19 [10th Anniversary Edition]

    So I've had my DAC-19 for 3 years now and it has served me very well. I love the realistic timbre and tone and expressiveness. On the other hand, it was perfect for the first 2 years until it started behaving erratically. At times, there's a significantly noticeable channel imbalance. At other...
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    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    The path I took to get my E5000 two weeks ago was via a chance audition of the E3000 in e.earphones Shibuya. It was one of my last days in Tokyo and I was desperate to bring home some sort of souvenir for myself, having previously visited the larger, more extensive e.earphones store in...
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    New Audio-gd DAC-19 [10th Anniversary Edition]

    This is why I haven't felt the need to swap my DAC-19 out for anything else. The natural sound, the realistic timbre and balance. It's that analog PCM1704UK presentation that with the right song & time of day, and with speakers, makes me believe that the singer is standing right there in the...
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Eric Whitacre, Eric Whitacre Singers: Whitacre: Lux Aurumque Turn the volume up for this
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    Audeze's 2016 revamp, re-voiced and re-engineered headphones, the entire line (except Sine and EL8 Ti; these have updates as standard)

    In fairness to reviewers, Audeze does shoulder some of the blame for this. Reputable high-end manufacturers generally don't have a need to come in and revise their products while they're in production and change things mid-stream, ending up with different versions of the same product that might...
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    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    The Audeze LCD2C product page and Steve Guttenberg's cnet post say it's made in Audeze's California facility. On the other hand, someone commented on Tyll's innerfidelity post that Audeze headphones are made in China and shipped from the Shanghai port. Some posts on have people...
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    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    There’s a sufficient amount of bass when needed but the LCD 3 has quite a balanced bass. If you want a bit more of an emphasis in bass then the LCD2 classic is the way to go. If the classic LCD3s were accused of darkness, then the current fazors bring a more neutral treble. Not so much as to...
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    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    They're excellent together - and I've heard most of the headphone amp lineup. Audio-gd has that smooth, organic house sound that manages to maintain fine details without any fatigue and provides power with finesse. For my tastes, they're best with their R2R DACs so I would prefer to go with one...
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    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    It will work for sure but there will definitely be some improvements to be had with a beefier amp paired to the LCD3. I think quite a few cases of people not rating LCDs is purely due to insufficient amp output power. The lack of power to drive LCDs can be the difference between a ‘flat’ sound...
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    ALO Pan Am desktop/portable headphone amp/DAC: Impressions and Reviews

    I disagree. The Pan Am doesn't output the kind of power needed for magneplanars - it didn't drive my LCD2 (never tried it with my LCD3) well enough, sweet but lacking punch and dynamics. And the built-in DAC is only so so to the point that I always use an external DAC. The LCD2 sensitivity is...
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    Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

    The higher rated power output is for XLR out in any case. Single ended gets you the lower power output. It’s in the specs IIRC.
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    Audio-gd R2R 11

    What it means is that the asynchronous Amanero USB interface is doing its job - it is successfully mitigating jitter. And it also shows that you have a USB port and cable combo that is operating according to spec, with little to no RF interference. USB port and cable manufacturers are not all...