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    Little Dot DAC_1

    Due circumstances out of my control I need to sell the audio equipment that I purchased in January. Yes, I feel like the universe is punishing me. Anyways. I am listing my Little Dot DAC_1 for sale. It is the best DAC I have owned by far. I have used it with a DI-V3 and also Straight out of my...
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    Audio-GD Digital Interface & Power Supply (DI-V3 (TCXO) w/ DI-PSU)

    To circumstances beyond my control I need to sell the Audio-GD Digital Interface with power supply (DI-V3/DI-PSU with TCXO) I purchased in Jan. I paid $245 & $37 in shipping. I am asking $200 and I will pay for shipping.
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    LD MKIII & DAC1 - Updated

    Due to finacal difficulties I have to sell the audio equipment I bought in January. I am putting up my Little Dot MKIII & DAC_1. They are wonderful together and if I didn’t need the money I wouldn’t be letting them go.   I would like to sell them as a package but I will split them up. For...
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    New Leckerton UHA-6S MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier Announced (Update User Impressions Added July 20th 2012)

    I have a quick question, I am on the fence beween the UHA-6S MKII and the Matrix Mini-Portable. I use HD650s and the thing that is holding me back is bass. The matrix review on Headphonia says that the bass is deep and powerful. But my google skills are failing me and I can't seem to find a...
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    WTB: Headstage Arrow HE 2G

    I am looking for a Headstage Arrow HE 2G. If anyone has one that they are will to part with please let me know.
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    Tube Amp - Lack Of Bass.. Suggestions?

    Deep thought: Maybe I just listen to crap music and there is a higher force telling me to stop it.
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Thanks for the help. I figured I was being dense. The psu is working great.
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    Tube Amp - Lack Of Bass.. Suggestions?

    Do you have a recommendation for a player?
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    Tube Amp - Lack Of Bass.. Suggestions?

    Tjj226 Angel, I went through the tube rolling guide. I picked up a pair of highly (94/100) rated Mullard M8100/CV4010. I also have a pair of Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV (95/100 rating) coming. The M8100s actually made the situation worse. The Little Dot III comes stock with GE 5654s so going the GE route...
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    Tube Amp - Lack Of Bass.. Suggestions?

    So what do you think? I think I am hear votes for me to buy Beats.   Kidding. That was fun to type though.   You are hitting what I am hearing pretty much dead on. I looked at Grados and I pulled back because I do not like things sitting on top of my ears. I love the way the 650s fit...
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    Tube Amp - Lack Of Bass.. Suggestions?

    Ok, I get the hint. I will start the headphone research again but I will mess around with the VSTs in fidelia first. 
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Thanks Jimmychan. I will take a look at it when I get to work on Monday. I figured I was doing something wrong.
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Both switches are in the on postion. I guess the best question is .. is the light on the DI supposed to light up when is attached to the powered on psu but not the computer?
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    I just received my DI-V3 w/PSU yesterday. It seems to be working great but I have a question. When I switch on the PSU the blue light comes on but the light on the DI doesn't light up until I plug the USB cord into my PC. Is the light on the DI a link light or a power on indication? Before...
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    For those who use a computer USB input to a headphone Dac/amp, you got check this device out.

    Am I missing something or do you have $750 worth of UltraFi cable and filter to your DAC? Granted I am poor but for that price I hope it makes a wonderful addition.