Anime, video games, Battletech virtual pods, resin garage kits
Headphone Inventory
Yuin PK1, Yuin PK3, Westone UM1, ATH-A700, ATH-ESW9, Audez'e LCD-2
Headphone Amp Inventory
Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire, Cavalli Audio Stacker II, iBasso D10, CEntrance DACmini
Sold - Corda 2Move
Source Inventory
Squeezebox Touch, Squuezebox Classic, Cowon J3 32 GB, Cowon D2+, Assemblage DAC 2.7, Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC
Now gone - Cowon D2, Rega DAC
Cable Inventory
ALO audio Chain Mail 8 wire LCD2 Cable, Q-Audio LCD-2 Cable
Power-Related Components
Wiremold 9 outlet strip, Transparent Powerlink Premium, Transparent High Performance Powerlink x2, Pangea IEC to C5 Adapter
Other Audio Equipment
Crimson R.M. Music-Link Interconnect, Blue Jeans Coaxial Digital Audio Cable, Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Interconnect, SonicWave Toslink Cable
Music Preferences
Jpop, classical, rock, alternative, gothic industrial, anime OST, game OST, Irish folk, older Broadway music, Hawaiian slack key
2010 Mazda 3 SGT 5 door
Pre-Meiji Japanese katana and wakizashi collection
Inventory Planner


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