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    $399 Apple iPod Touch 6G with 128GB storage and A8 chip

    How does the ipod touch sound unamped vs other music players in its price range?
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    Life after Yggdrasil?

    The yggy has to be kept constantly on to sound its best?
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    Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

    Overall sound sig of this player, neutral? Warm-leaning neutral?
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    SansaClip+ Rockbox Impressions thread

    I haven't used my Clip+ in ages. I've tried charging it with 2 different cables, both via a charger and computer, for hours and hours. The player's folder appears in my computer but the player just won't turn on. Is it dead?
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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    A couple days ago, while listening, I thought (can't be sure) I heard a crackle, and it seems that ever since, the player has been sounding slightly muffled. However, it's so slight that I can't even be sure it's there. I tried listening with the same earphones from my PC's onboard audio and the...
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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    Think I'm almost ready for an upgrade. Less warm, more neutral. Below a grand. Any recommendations?
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    Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

    What are some decent amps to go along with this that don't cost more than the headphone itself?
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    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    I'm looking for an amp to drive HD600s and am considering WA3, would that be a good combination?   What's a decent, affordable DAC to go with it?
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    Schiit Jotunheim vs Modi 2 + Valhalla 2 for HD600

    Jotunheim gives me the option of going balanced, which I read would improve the sound of the HD600s. The Modi 2 + Valhalla 2 combo gives me an OTL tube amp, which I also read goes well with the HD600.. Plus, separate DAC and amp units. I am very reluctant to spend much more than the cost of...
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    I see..   Sounds like it'll be too slippery for me, heh.
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    "This" meaning the Artisan, yes?
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      How slippery is it? Able to compare to other mousepads?   Not crazy about the brown though, heh.
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    How does the glass coating actually feel?
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    The layout does look excellent to me, but I'm pretty sure I'll prefer the feel of the 55g switches
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    I'm trying to decide whether to go ahead and try a HHKB or wait for RF 55g to be back in stock..