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    WTB: Sennheiser HD-25 1-II

    Hey everyone! Been awhile since I've prowled the forums, but I'm back and looking for a pair of these to replace the ones I sold awhile back. If anyone's got a set, please let me know! Thanks!
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    FS: BRAND NEW sealed 8GB iPod Touch

    $200 USD shipped. Or $220CAD for local buyers. If someone within Vancouver wants to pick it up, I'll gladly do it for $200 cash in hand.
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    FS: BRAND NEW sealed 8GB iPod Touch

    Absolutely brand new, still sealed 100%. Purchased yesterday, in addition to my new laptop. No need for it as I have an iPhone and an iPod shuffle. 8GB iPod touch, newest version. Listed for $230USD on Apple (that's what I paid for it), will be happy if I can get $200USD. We can split...
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    FS: discman (old)

    bump + price drop. $10 + shipping? any takers?
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    FS: 2 brand new par-metal black anodized cases

    bump + price drop! any takers for $65 + shipping?!?
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    FS: e22 backplane pcb, e24/s24 pcbs

    e22 backplane still available. open to any reasonable sounding offers? howabout $20+shipping? pretty good deal for a discontinued pcb! e24/s24 are sold!
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    FS: 6 foot power cable (master?)

    bump + price drop, $30 plus shipping? takers? good deal for a good cord
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    FS: sony ericson w810i cellphone missing charger $20

    $25 + shipping hey, just realized i had this lying around for ages, and one of you guys can probably use it moreso than i can. absolutely a GREAT phone - i just fell victim to the iphone craze . some really minor scuffing, but the screen should be in good shape, as it has an invisishield...
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    FS: 6 foot power cable (master?)

    im not 100% sure of the brand. its in good condition, just over 6 feet long. I THINK iirc it is a "master" power cable, but i could easily be mixed up - its been awhile (perhaps someone can chime in and clarify, thanks!). i purchased it for about $55 + shipping from another head-fier. its a...
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    FS: 22-step (i think) attenuator

    bear with me, as im not even 100% sure what this part is. if you want it, i can inspect it at your will to make sure its what you need (ie answer any specific questions that'd help to determine if its suitable for your needs or not). i BELIEVE iirc that its a 22-step stepped attenuator. i...
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    FS: discman (old)

    hey, got this off another head-fier awhile back. just made it as a totally random purchase at the time, havent used it at all, i dont think ive even tried it to see if it works to be honest, though i assume it should despite its age. it says "Discman - 10-variation play mode CD Compact Player...