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    Which good headphones to replace Beats Solo HD

    Sennheiser HD25-1 II :)
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    Help Needed! Buying Headphones and Amp!

    Sennheiser Momentum aren't bad at all... 
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Got mine today! I am just blown away! They are comfy and sound great! At first i thought they would break as fu*k but I know they can last like forever...
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    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    I was doing some maths and came to conclusion... I think I'll go with Koss ProDJ100... Here's the thing, Koss ProDJ100 + FiiO E11 + M50s Pads = aprox 140$. For that money I was considering to go with Denon DJ DN1000, or Pioneer HDJ1500, but since I don't need these headphones for DJ ONLY (some...
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    Want to buy new mid-range headphones, need help!

    I think I'll go with Ultrasone Pro 550... :)
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Was thinking should I get Shure SRH750DJ or Denon DN-HP700? My heart beats a little bit more for Denon...
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    Buying new DJ headphones, need advice!

    So I decided to buy new headphones for music, and only for music (no video games or movies). I am looking forward to use them while mixing and playing music (doing some DJ stuff), and listen to music like I do casual on daily basis... My budget will be somewhere around 100e. And I found some...
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