resident toyboy
tripping on greens
Headphone Inventory
audeze LCD2 rev2 rosewood forza audioworks claire hpc
beyerdynamic dt1770-pro ADL furutech ihp35x
sennheiser hd650 stefan audioarts equinox
modded sennheiser hd580 precision cardas
nad viso hp50 ADL furutech ihp35
shure e500-pth
beyerdynamic dt770-pro 80
ultimate ears triple.fi 10pro null arete

-SOLD-: sennheiser momentum; akg k701, sennheiser hd25-1 II; sennheiser px100; sennheiser hd212pro; sennheiser mx500; pioneer hdj1000; sharp md33s; ultimate ears metro.fi; ultimate ears superfi 4; ultimate ears superfi 5vi; grado sr-80; grado sr-225, akg k81dj, koss sportapro
Headphone Amp Inventory
schiit mjolnir-2 (LIIST)
ray samuels audio the raptor (tungsol 5687, genalex goldlion 12au7)
ibasso d10 + hiflight topkit

Sold: ray samuels audio the hornet, little dot ii tube amp, rega ear, heed canamp
Source Inventory
slimdevices squeezebox v3
rega dac
ps audio digital link iii dac
modded zhaolu D2 dac (cs4398/ad1852)
ibasso d10 DAC (hiflight topkit)
audioquest dragonfly 1.2
audioquest dragonfly red
iriver ihp140
5.5g ipod video (rockboxed)
Cable Inventory
cardas: fatpipe balanced sennheiser cable; 6 inch mini hpi
stefan audioarts equinox hd650 cable
ifi gemini USB
null audio arete, lune and enyo tf10 cables
van den hul: integration hybrid digital; optocoupler mkii; d102 hybrid mkiii; the bridge
chord: chord cobra plus; codac digital coax; rumour 2 speaker cables
qed: silver-anniversary XT; qunex 3 ics, qed p75 digital coax
gotham gac-1 digital coax
consonance opera balanced XLR
cabletalk glass toslink
zu pivot
sysconcept iriver optical
audiolineout cryo micro
canare starquad
wireworld ultraviolet and starlight USB
dnm reson mkii solid core speaker cables
Power-Related Components
ifi iusb power / ifi ipower / ifi spdif ipurifier
audioquest jitterbug
w audio w4800 mains filter
russ andrews kimber powermax mains cable
supra lorad mains cable
tacima cs929 surge/mains conditioner
qed qonduit mains cable
ps audio xstream power punch mains cable
Other Audio Equipment
dali mentor menuet speakers
tvc promitheus ref4 dual-mono passive preamp
cayin a88t mkii limited edition integrated tube amp
musical fidelity v-link 192 usb spdif
musical fidelity v-link usb spdif
arcam fmj a28 integrated amp
nad c320bee integrated amp
trends audio ta10.1 amps (x2)
roth oli10 mini standmount speakers

monitor audio bronze reference BR2 speakers -sold-
musical fidelity x10-d tube buffer -sold-
sand-filled atacama nexus 7 speaker stands -sold-
wilson benesch the orator speakers -sold-
monitor audio silver RS6 speakers -sold-
Audio-Related Tweaks
isoacoustics studio speaker stands
various EL34/KT88 tubes
various ECC88, 12AU7, 5687 tubes
cryo wattgate 320 IEC, silver-coated mk toughplugs
scythian,insouciant *******,mixologist


@balanced, usb regen -> v-link 192 -> ps audio DLIII -> mjolnir-2 voskhod 6n23p -> lcd2.2 preF
@bedroom, iusb -> rega dac -> rsa raptor TS 5687 genalex 12au7 -> dt1770 furutech / hd650 equinox
@portable, galaxy s7 -> aq dragontail dragonfly red -> nad hp50 / dt770-80 / ue tf10
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