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    2014 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    I am in! Worldwide. (Note to my partner: I will be unavailable for a few days after the cutoff date, so do not fret if you cannot contact me immediately after partnering up. I will most certainly be available for this exchange and will be easily in time to exchange address details. You can...
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    The Hobbit Movie Thread (and anything else related to Lord of the Rings & J.R.R. Tolkien)

    Why does this thread title have a larger font than other threads when watching the forum on mobile? Sorry to hijack. Esit: never mind, it's because it's spread over three lines.
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    2013 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    No, you can always try. Post in here and see if someone responds. For example, I posted in here today and have now set up an exchange with BaasTurbo.
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    What are your computer/build specs?

    I built a completely brand new PC in january 2009, and have been updating parts of it over the last few months. The only original parts are the Mobo, CPU and PSU. Mobo: ASUS P6T CPU: Core i7 920 @ 3.33 GHz (cooled by Scythe Mugen 2) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 12 GB 1600 MHz 9-9-9-24 (3 x 4GB...
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    PC Enthusiast-Fi (PC Gaming/Hardware/Software/Overclocking)

    I think you want the Video Games Discussion forum, it has a game rating thread and a gaming keyboard thread. :)
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    Planetside 2 Thread

    Yeah the grind is pretty bad, but I guess the money has to come from somewhere in an F2P model :). Still, I almost have enough to buy the 1000 credit rocket pods for my scythe to finally rain down some doom on my enemies.
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    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    Every year there are a couple of people who are left out, because one or more people who signed up just don't react to their partner's PM (I have two partners this year, and haven't heard back from one of them at this moment). Usually, if they post this, someone else might suggest to exchange...
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    Planetside 2 Thread

    Have been playing it for quite a few hours over the last couple of days since I got my new video card. I joined an outfit and ran with a couple of their platoons. So much fun!
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    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    I'm in as always and willing to ship anywhere. Let's do this again!
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    Humble Bundle + other indie bundles thread

    Just got the halloween indie royale bundle, but already have Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. Anyone want the Steam key for this classic adventure game?
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    I gather you haven't seen The Expendables 2 then :D
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    Project Eternity

    Sounds very interesting, thanks for the link!
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    HBO's The Newsroom

    It's very interesting looking at this show from a non-US perspective. Most of the real-life situations on the show I followed as well, like the oil spill, the revolution in Egypt, the killing of Osama and the rise of the Tea Party. Some however, I had to google/wikipedia, because they were...
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    Guild Wars 2

    They're cleaning up the startup issues. My lag is gone and the trading post is up and working.
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    And Gattaca, amazing film. One of my nine 10 ratings on IMDb.