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    RS-1 vs MS-Pro: a comparative review

    Thanks for the great review Kontai69!
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    Synergy between Portable Amps and IEMs - 9 IEM compared with 9 portable amps = 81 chances to mess up!

    thanks for the reviews HeadphoneAddict - your reviews are always a worthwhile read. i can't however say that my wallet thanks you .
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    Livewires - California Dreamin'

    well folks, my much anticipated LiveWires arrived yesterday. i have a feeling that in over 2600 posts in this thread that most things have been covered, but i'll give some brief thoughts anyway. custom IEMs are a truly unique experience and are not really like off the shelf IEMs at all. the...
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    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    woah - took me 3 days, but i have read the freQ thread from front to back . i guess you could say that i'm from the LW camp as i'm currently waiting for my LWs to arrive in a week or so. big thanks to Powertoold for maintaining this thread for 6 months and to the many contributors for their...
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    Comparison of Customer Service for Ultimate Ears and Westone Custom IEMs

    Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Linthicum This is a good opportunity to compare and contrast not just the fit and performance of the Ultimate Ears and Westone custom IEMs, but also to describe the path it takes to get that legendary fit and performance. I will let you know how it...
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    Playstation 3 backwards compatible

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth On a set like that, any flaw will be noticeable. At least you have gorgeous PS3 games true - i should quit whining . PS3 games look amazing, not to mention BD movies.
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    There's Something About Ultrasone…

    just received my NOS PROline 2500s from and right out of the box i'm happy . i haven't had an open set of headphones in a while and i think i'm going to be really pleased that i went with the 2500s over the 750s. Northern Sound has 1 pair of Pro 2500s, 2 pairs of Pro 750s left...
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    Firefox 3 Download Day 2008

    i'm there - just hope the final release will be a little less buggy than the beta i tried a few months ago
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    Playstation 3 backwards compatible

    Quote: Originally Posted by necropimp you have updated your firmware right? i remember hearing the early firmware making ps2 games look ugly of course - the thing won't let you do squat until you update to the latest blah blah blah firmware . really a bummer if you are wanting...
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    Running Shoe-Fi

    Quote: Originally Posted by FooTemps How often do you guys go through running shoes? My old nikes actually lasted me 2 years before they finally gave out. (Though for me that only means 3 or 4 seasons worth or running) my shoes are toast after 300 miles although i generally...
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    Creek power supply

    nice tip on the Elpac - think i'm gonna pick one up for a Creek phono pre. thanks guys! jeff h
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    First Amp, CMOY:BB

    Quote: Originally Posted by kilgoretrout Hi, I am in the same situation - a newbie looking to get his first headphone amp. How does this amp perform compare to retail amplifiers at the same price? are you more interested in building an amp or are you more interested in listening...
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    Portable Amps that Have good Synergy with LiveWires?

    can't comment just yet as my Livewires are not quite here yet (a week or less!). i'm going to start with the Meier 2Move and the Livewires. in low gain, low current, the 2Move sounds great with my 3 single transducers and i'm hoping that translates to out of this world with the...
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    My Corda 2Move arrived today! :P

    just another quick vote of confidence on this amp - it's amazing! so good in fact, that i plan on putting off buying a desktop setup for some time now that i have the 2Move .
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    Playstation 3 backwards compatible

    holy cow - you think that article has enough references? . i really went out of my way to purchase a 60GB system specifically for backward compatibility with the PS2 in the hopes that the games would look better on the PS3. i have to say that i was somewhat disappointed with the look of the PS2...