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    PX100 & Porta Pro Burn in Characteristics?

    part of the problem with the PortaPros is the foam pads. Mine are 3 - 4 years old and I noticed the foam was decaying pretty badly where its held to the blue driver frame with the fairly sharp moulded pins. So i bought some new pads and immediately the SQ changed. Where the bass had become...
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    my Etymotic HF2: new or old packaging?

    Mine came with the blue flanged tips. I find them to be uselessly small and cannot get a seal with them. I've used Shure olives and the Ety grey foams with some success - although nothing that will tilt the tonal balance towards the warmth I prefer. They have their good qualities but are second...
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    KSC75 vs. KSC35 vs. PX100

    I just like the way my Porta Pros give a reasonable rendition of the 3D soundstage unlike most other 'phones, especially the PX100 Senns that I've tossed in a drawer somewhere. For the money, unbeatable, and a lifetime warranty.
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    px100 vs portapro's?

    I have Porta Pros clamped to my head as I write. Senn PX100 upstairs in a drawer somewhere. Smooth, non-fatiguing sound. Senn sound gives me earache (and no, I don't listen at high volumes). Neither are any good for public transport, sadly.
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    Koss Portapro Vs AKG K-412 P

    For cheap open 'phones you can't beat the Porta Pros.
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    Koss porta pro opinons?

    Thankfully they don't sound like Grado 'phones, which I dislike. Bottom line is that I sold my Grados and still have and listen to the Porta Pros. At home only cos they're open - iems rule on the road (although I've yet to buy a set that I'm truly happy with for SQ).
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    Tutorial: Increase the "Treble Energy and Detail" of the Shure SE530's! [Pics Included]-[MAIN POST UPDATED 5/04/09]

    I've been experimenting with tips for my SE530s for some time now. I also use Ety HF2 and have some of their tips. For me, the Shure yellow foams work best on the HF2s, but Ety's grey foams work best on the Shures! BTW the most significant SQ improvement for the Shures was working out, after...
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    Chord Company cable - which uk store to buy from?

    err... why not just contact yr local distributor listed on the Chord site?
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    Best Portable amp for a BASSHEAD?

    I've just upgraded from a C&C box v2 to a Graham Slee Voyager. In "flat" setting it has plenty of bass, in "contour" in has even more but it's not excessive or boomy. It's also very musical. I've tried it with Senn HD650, Shure SE530, Sleek and Ety HF2 (latter current favourite). Voyager makes...
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    Suggestion to Sleeks

    I prefer the fit comfort and sound of Comply T100 foamies. And they seal external sounds better.
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    Authorized dealers in the EU besides hifi headphones?

    Hi-Fi headphones are great - I'm just a happy customer. Don't forget the £25 that Royal Mail will charge as a handling fee on top of VAT and duty plus the hassle of getting the goods. It's happened regularly on stuff I've got directly from USA and Asia and as a result I don't any more! Given...
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    crazy carrying case

    I use mine with either an Ety case, or the big oval nylon one supplied with my SE530s. Sadly, the Sleek case is one of those pieces of industrial design which makes you go "why?". Oh, and why don't they make an iPhone mic adapter? A Sleek version of Shure's MPA? Yes, I could use the MPA but then...
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    iM716 Filter mod

    Ety-8 filters are identical to the ones they used for the im716. I tried the foam, didn't prefer the result. Big change and improvement however with Comply foam tips - the business. Now, if only I had a US rather than Euro spec ipod classic w/o volume limiter - these babies are insensitive. I...
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    iBasso import charges to UK

    I have been caught every time recently with purchases from the US and China for items of pretty low value (<£100). You get charged import duty if applicable, VAT on the whole lot, plus the post office charges an absurd £25 fee for handling! It has put me off buying foreign merchandise, it's much...
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    Altech Lansing IM716, IM616 & Harmoan Kardon EP720, EP730 headcount.

    I got mine new from a UK eBay seller for £45. Not otherwise available in the UK. Replacement tips won't be a problem as Ety and Shure's fit; what about the filters? A-L UK won't know what I'd be talking about as they don't sell them and they don't look like Er-6 parts. Any clues?