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    Newbie needs help

    I'd just stick to the Sony if I were you. Can't really comment on it since I'm not familiar with your phone but my recommendation is to get the headphones first and try it with your phone before getting an external DAC/Amp or DAP.
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    "Open Alpha" T50 3D printed headphone project from MrSpeakers

    Thanks for the clarification! On another note, has anyone tried printing the cups with PVA supports?
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    Aliexpress Tin Audio T2 Purchase Advice

    The cables will work but make sure to order the correct version as they sell them with a 2 pin termination as well. You want the MMCX termination. The difference between 8 cores and 16 cores is just the amount of cores, which are insulated conductors. So in the case of an 8 core cable, 4 cores...
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    Aliexpress Tin Audio T2 Purchase Advice

    They seem to be the same model and from the same store as well so I'm not too sure. Maybe send them a message and ask?
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    Question regarding soudcard+amp/dac combo

    If you use the Schiit Magni+Modi you'd be connecting to it via USB, bypassing your currently soundcard. The website you linked states that your soundcard has a 2 Vrms output which would be enough for the LCD-2C but depending on how loud you listen it might not be enough for the HD650. Also, if...
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    Newbie 1st thread

    This is not true. ANC is not particularly effective on erratic and high frequencies sound waves so depending on the OP background noise scenario, it might not work as well. A well sealed passive IEM is more likely to attenuate better than an ANC headphone.
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    The Hassle-Free Headphone Recommendation Thread: Cans that sound great without amping, modding, or burn-in.

    Unfortunately even your alternative wouldn't work. The V-Moda cable uses a single 3 pole 3.5mm jack to connect to the headphone itself as V-Moda's own headphone has wiring between the left and right driver that allow either side to be used as the connection point. As far as I can see from the...
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    Waterproof Ciem possible?

    Sorry for the late reply, you should be able to use regular filters and drivers. It depends on what method you're using to make the shell but filling the entire shell with something like silicon would work as well if you want to be safe.
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    Am I mad? SE425 with custom tips or ANC

    ANC only works well under certain conditions. A well fitted custom tip would be better in my opinion. Though it's probably too late now, if you had fit issues you could have sent the tips back to be remade.
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    Stax headphones - cleaning with compressed air?

    That's obviously not what I meant. Just don't touch the drivers and brush off the dust around the headphones. If you really want to use pressurised air, feel free too.
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    Stax headphones - cleaning with compressed air?

    I would highly recommend against using pressurised air. Use a brush or something soft.
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    Microphone that filters out mechanical kb and open headphones ?

    Buy any type of unidirectional mic and you should be good.
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    Another "Recommend me a gaming headset" thread

    Pretty much any headphone will work with a ModMic. As far as I can see from the Astro Mixamp, it uses either 4 poles or 3 poles. All you need to do is get any headphone and use one of those cables those headphone and mic cable joiners (like this...
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    Best high impedance headphones for LG v30 DAC?

    OP original question has nothing to do with high impedance headphones sounding better than low impedance headphones. He wanted high impedance headphones to trigger the Quad DAC which is also incorrect. The only thing high impedance headphones trigger on the V30 is the high impedance mode which...