Head Gear Reviews by dudlew
  1. OPPO PM-3

    5.00 star(s)
    The OPPO PM3, what’s there to say about it? Quite a lot actually. But I am going to try and cram everything into my... journey with this wonderful headphone.     First about me:   I am a music lover. I love music in general, and love listening. It doesn’t have to be the best gear for me to listen to music, but it must sound good to me, or I have trouble listening. I live ‘out of circulation’ so to speak, in a small island nation, so I am not in a position to try anything much.   I also am not looking for open cans.I like the isolation that...
  2. Sony MDR-7520 Professional Headphones

    4.00 star(s)
    A bit about me. I am an average guy that loves music. I listen to a wide variety of music but of late listen to alternative, rock, hip hop, rap, dance and jazz. I generally am not a fan of country music but some songs reach out to me. I got turned on to hifi at a young age as my dad had a decent setup and then my brothers as well. Have heard, B&W, Mission, Dynaudio, NHT, Bose, Mordant Short, KEF and a few other speakers in various setups, but nothing outrageous, like $20,000 setups. So I think I can appreciate good music. I was a musician, (haven't...
  3. Sony MDR-1R

    4.00 star(s)
    So here is my review of the MDR-1R.   Looks:     Its a good looking headphone. nothing to complain about. It is by far my best looking headphone, but that is easy to do :)   Build:   The build is good, solid feeling and not a flimsy feeling piece of plastic. There are a few issues though:   First the jack on the headphone to accept the cable has no means of locking the cable in or preventing it from getting slack, So make sure that you don't change the cable constantly, or you will have a loose jack and the plug can rattle. For me so far...
  4. beyerdynamic DT 235 Headphone - Black

    5.00 star(s)
    I have had these headphones for a few months now and have used it almost exclusively over my other phones. Granted, these are not the best headphones around, but they are the best headphones I have heard.   Comfort:   These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever used. They are light and fit me well. They don't move around a lot and the fabric pads cause no irritation or discomfort. bear in mind I have used these in 30+ degree celsius temps in a very humid environment.   The problem with them though is that this comfort seems to...