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    [FiiO Q5s Type C ‖ Q5s] Bluetooth DSD-capable Amplifier,AK4493x2,768k/32bit

    Does anyone know if its safe to use the Q5s while charging it? When connecting metel iems like TinHifi P1 I feel small electric stings..that can't be a good sign.. With full size isolating headphones I dont get the stings obviously. But one gotta wonder if its safe. Maybe Fiio can chime in
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    Tin Hifi P1 impressions

    Try to switch to Short delay sharp roll off filter on the Q5s. You can thank me later
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    Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

    to be honest the large double flanged tips in the box fit me better..YMMV
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    oppo pm3 replacement cable

    cant say...all i know is that if a cable is suited for the B&O H6 it'll work with the pm3. termination wise..
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    LG V20 Sound Quality

    hi Friend,   I see  you give this trick here and over at XDA without referring to my guide nor giving credit. please do so in the future or stop sharing this info as your'e own all together. 
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    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    I've tried several and this one is the best quality comfort and mic quality wise. Tried the earmax recomended above but mic quality is terrible. I ride e-bike to work so wind is an issue.
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    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    im using this one: very pleased with the sound. high are definitely more pronounced.sounds more realistic to me.
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    DUNU DN-2002 Earphone Review by mark2410

    thanks for the very detailed review. nice read.   i wonder how these would stack up against the Dunu dn-2000. these have a very good bass to my recollection. from what i gather reading threw reviews bass:2K>2002>2Kj treble:2Kj>2K?2002 mid:2002>2Kj>2K   can someone with all 3 comment?
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    LG-V10 Hi-Fi audio quality review on serious audio performance

      for u maybe. for me its the other way around. either the volume/power is not sufficient on the V10. if u r lucky and ur headphones trigger the high gain mode then its just bass and treble boosts. dealing with aux extenders and mods made this phone suck for me. whats more the snapdragon...
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    LG-V10 Hi-Fi audio quality review on serious audio performance

    how do find there's no comparison? I had the V10 and X5ii.. the X5ii has a much much stronger amp. tested with: B&W P7,B&O H6, Senn HD8 dj,sennheiser HD25 ALU
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    X5 : Are there differences betwen high gain/low volume and low gain/high vollume ?

    i feel the high gain affects the bass response.. in that sense it does have an effect on the sound.
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    LG-V10 Hi-Fi audio quality review on serious audio performance

    whether you use the DAC or not, you still use the amp which is great either way. if you can get a LG G4 which has the same snapdragon CS but weaker amp you'll notice the difference right away.   what the DAC does for high impedance headphones is increase the gain. but if you dont need that...
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    LG Quadbeat 3 Impressions Thread

    did the mod on my QB3 AKG...results are outstanding. clarity and airiness extension complement well the already detailed QB3s