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    Trekstor VibeZ: reviews/comments

    Quote: Originally Posted by akasan maybe I should clarify my question, my first dap was a sony hd5, which IMO has the best sound quality (never listened to the Karma) alongside the cowon X5 (had it but unlike many on here I prefer browsing my music through the tags so I returned it for...
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    Next logical step up from iM716

    Quote: Originally Posted by kin0kin what makes you think the shure e3 is a step up the 716? I hope you are not associating price with quality, because the e3, and e4 is no better than the im716. Concur. I've owned E4c and ER4p before, and currently IM716... I wont consider going...
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    waste of money? or good investment?

    I think the nano will work fine. Burning CDs is ok. But if you're like me, I want to listen to new tunes every other day, then burning a new compilation on cd would be a hassle. With nano, you simply remove some old tunes, then add the new ones in. If u were to use your nano in your car only...
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    Microsoft Introduces Zune

    I hope that it doesnt look like what it is in the picture. It totally looks like a shoddy ipod with a fake scroll wheel.
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    archos jukebox 20gb - any opinions

    Just want to bump this thread a little bit because I am thinking about purchasing an archos player too especially now that all the AV series prices are coming down. Anyone want to comment on the sound quality on the av500? I've played with its interface a bit and I think it's ok.
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    iA x5L or h340 or Zen Vision (ZV or ZVM)

    haha seems like right now the poll means you wont go wrong with 3 of your 4 choices. H340 is quite hard to find now though.
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    shure cable thickness

    I actually don't like cables that are thick. If cable is too thick it would seem like that cable is dragging your earphone out of your ears constantly.
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    Is portable video really worth it?

    I don't find the screen size to be a problem at all. Rather, it's the effort that I need to dedicate for downloading, converting and uploading that sometimes discourages me from watching video on a portable device. I'm not far-sighted, screen size of ipod or zvm is acceptable.
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    why does nobody ever suggest sony dap players?

    Another vote for HD5. I used to own it and I must say it sounds very good with a little tuning with its eq. It's size is just amazing for a 20gig player. Sonic Stage isn't horrible, it's just mediore. It never crashed on me once. Maybe it's because I don't need to rip songs a lot, or transfer...
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    Computer Audio threat

    wow for once i think my current computer will be better than the next generation lol.
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    Is anyone "unhappy" with their 5 Pro?

    I'm usually happy with whatever i have til I get a taste of something better
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    Would someone teach me how to get the best out of my setup?

    Yea that's how i have them configured now, but I'm kind of confuse about the bit perfect output ppl are talking about. Would that make a big difference for me in this case? I don't even know how to get that with the current setup.
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    Ultimate Ears are making me deaf!

    I think in order to appreciate high volume, you need to torture yourself at low volume first. I suggest listening to low volume when you're doing your work with your music on.....then turn it up a lil (maybe not 90%....70%-80% would do just fine) when the only thing in your mind is music.
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    New ZVM Firmware Update Fixes BB Distortion

    I'm using ksc-75 and perfectly happy with eq off on zvm. I've tried bass boost on a few songs, didn't notice distortion, just didn't sound right.
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    New Sony Flash-USB mp3 player

    I like the looks of this one better than the previous. Honestly, I don't think shuffle sounds that good (or maybe it's just my E4). Hopefully this one will surpass shuffle. The only player that sounds good right out from headphone jack for me is the HD5.