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    Headphone Inventory:
    Denon AH-MM400 (work, travel)
    Shure SRH1540 (home)

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    Apple EarPods with mic
    Sennheiser HD-280 PRO

    Had a good listening experience:
    Shure SE846 - Very detailed, good bass, not as natural as dynamic headphones have but very structured, highs are a little bit dimmed.

    --Beyerdynamic T5P - didn't like the bass. Upper bass & lower mids were recessed.
    --Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 32 ohm Limited Edition - bought them without listening. Didn't like the V-shaped sound signature.
    --Lawton Audio LA7000 - too lifeless for electronic music, not enough details in the mid section. Otherwise - perfect.
    --NAD VISO HP50 - good for work, neutral detailed sound, highs are a little bit dim. The cable in the headand broke after 2 years of listening.
    --Shure SRH840 - Perfect for electronics except for the bass - it could be fuller and deeper.
    --Sony MDR-1R - My ears got tired after long listening sessions (because of the highs I think).
    --Sony MDR-Z1000 - good sounding, but had too muffled bass. Too average for the price.
    --Ultrasone Edition 8 LE - too much highs. The lower frequencies are uncomfortable for me to listen to.
    --Ultrasone Signature PRO (1) - this version had too little bass (or it seemed to me so).
    --Ultrasone Signature PRO (2) - this version had the bass that was too tiring for my ears. I think maybe the previous version had the same amount of bass, but my ears were too tired of it (bass) to hear it (bass) properly.
    --Unique Melody Miracle - not enough punching bass. Also my ears seem not to be able to withstand in-ears. Perfect otherwise.
    --Unique Melody Mentor - too much highs (16k and above). Also my ears seem not to be able to withstand in-ears.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Cambridge Audio DacMagic
    Source Inventory:
    iPhone 5 64 GB
    MacBook Pro 15' Retina
    VAIO F12 (do not use it anymore)
    iPhone 4 32 GB (do not use it anymore)

    -- iBasso DX90 - the sound was too thin for my ears
    -- iBasso DX100 - too bulky, too buggy, not comfortable to operate. Soundwise - pretty good, but the bass seemed too shallow after the iPhone 4.
    -- iPod Touch 3rd gen 64GB - gifted to my little sister.
    Music Preferences:
    Electronic (Ambient, Psy Chill, some Trance tracks)
    Rock (mainly Classic Rock)
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