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    New Shure SE215 - First Impressions

    I am really considering getting my gf these so she leaves my UM1s alone and i was wondering has anyone gone running with them? They seem to fit everything else she likes in IEMs with the punchy bass and non fatiguing  highs but she does want to be able to work out and run with them. Thanks for...
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    Anyone Plays Demon's Soul (PS3 Game)?

    I liked the game a lot as I enjoy a good challenge. You will die a lot in the beginning until you find a weapon set up you like and can take more than one or two hits. The most important thing to remember about this game is be patient. Don't try and take on too many enemies early on especially...
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    Sennheiser 448 vs 438 vs 428

    I'm with violeta88 on this one. Just listening to your music will eventually burn them in. If you're new to the headphone world anyway you might not even notice much of a difference with before and after. Enjoy your music and good luck with your purchase.
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    Eskuche 33 and 1/3 Headphones

    Hey shyp, if you are looking at the porta pros and haven't bought them yet I saw them in the Best buy circular for $10 off.
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    Eskuche 33 and 1/3 Headphones

    No offense to you but I find those things pretty ugly. Porta pros are very liked around here. Also look into sennheiser px100. Great sounding headphones and both are great for portable use.
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    My grado sr125 mods.

    Very nice! I love the aluminum cup look.
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    What does your equalizer look like?

    I enjoy my music with it off.
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    Help with Iphone please

    There is a way to use your iphone on two different computers and manage all you audio on each. There is a video on Cnet that describes how to do so Videos - Free video downloads and streaming video - CNET TV
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    Quick question to GS-1000i owners!!

    Does the box have a serial number or anything that you can call grado and ask them
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    Do you guys have a listening chair?

    I like the roller blade wheels on that chair headphile. Never seen that before.
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    Tough Question

    I would suggest the IEM route as well. Can't beat the isolation and no batteries are required. And as a student they are extremely easy to take care of and easy to use. They can be thrown in your pocket when you need to go and study without having to worry about a big carrying case. Anyway good...
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    post your grado mods....

    That's some sweet looking metal work there bass nuts. Looks light yet sturdy.
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    How to stream music from PC to PS3?

    Been a while since I've used the PS3 to stream my media but I think when you're on the folder click Triangle and it should have a show all button or something. Try that instead of just clicking on the folder to see if the files show up.
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    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Nice place uncle David. Looks like an extremely chill place to live and hang out. Too may distractions for me to be able to study though. Not a bad thing of course.
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    New hybrid amp by Little Dot, I+

    Just got this amp in last week and I am more than happy so far. Just using the stock tubes and op amp for now until I can save some more money. They really do compliment the grados nicely. I think the nicest part has to be that the sr-80s highs aren't fatiguing any more. Also David is stellar to...