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    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Audio Chip

    Quote: the phone isn't out yet so it is hard to say. Samsung really knocked the specs down on the S3 mini and are getting a lot of bad rep for it along with calling a phone with a 4" screen "mini" it looks like some budget phones like the pantech burst for instance have better specs then...
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    Wolfson DAC confirmed for Galaxy S3!

    curios as to what DAC the S3 mini is going to have in it. rumors about the announcement where confirmed today with the official announcement of the phone tomorrow. 
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    Best sq budget android phone

    Quote: yeah the galaxy music got my attention because i have been searching the last few days and then the rumors about it surfaced. not great specs otherwise but if it was cheap and they put a wolfson chip in it i think a lot of people might jump on it just as a cheap music player if the...
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    Best sq budget android phone

    Quote:       i know everyone talks about the higher end phones and about their dacs but there have to be some good sounding cheaper phones that have made it through the cracks though right?
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    Best sq budget android phone

    Quote:   yeah it seems most people aren't sharing much info on dacs in phones even though phone manufacturers are trying to makes phones replace other devices.    why are the snapdragon S4 SOC' s good? is it only the S4 SoC or are any of the previous qualcomm soc's any good?
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    Best sq budget android phone

    I see a lot of threads on high end brand new android phones but are there any budget cell phones to double as an audio player?   I have seen some people say the Pantech Burst sounds good but nothing concrete.    when I say budget i mean a phone that won't break the bank that you can get...
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    best smart phone for music (no apple)

    Quote: i am interested in the sq of the Pantech Burst as well. you can find it for under $150 off contract and it seems to be the most highly thought of budget android phone. it is also getting ics very soon. seems like a great option if the sq is good. 
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    Looking For cheap earbuds with good sound and a high quality cable

    as i have visited forums like this for many different things i have noticed that sometimes people do indeed mean cheap, but often times they actually mean, it doesn't break the bank, bang for buck or the most affordable item that has good durability and that sort of thing. you have to kind of...
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    Philips O'NEILL THE SNUG or Sennheiser HD229?

    if you live in the USA i would suggest the monoprice headphones. they are around $21 and I prefer them over my grado's and pretty much every other headphones i have owned including the akg's, sennheisers, koss etc that i have owned over the years. they are awesome, especially if you have a...
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    budget headphones for running that won't make me go running home for better headphones?

    where do you find either of those headphones that cheap? i didn't find them that cheap anywhere.
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    budget headphones for running that won't make me go running home for better headphones?

    yeah i have owned 5 pairs of ksc75's and while i love them the cords keep shorting out on my and it is usually cheaper to buy a new set then send them back even though they have the lifetime warranty. that was actually the last pair of headphones i used for this purpose. though they slid around...
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    budget headphones for running that won't make me go running home for better headphones?

    when you have more of a close earbud like that doesn't that make it so you can hear your footsteps when you are running?
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    budget headphones for running that won't make me go running home for better headphones?

    ok so i am looking for a decent budget set of headphones for running, jogging, working out, that don't cause me to go running for one of my better sets of headphones. i am looking for something that is comfortable and at least has decent sound  that doesn't make it sound like every single...
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    portable good headphone under $65

    there are multiple options cheaper for a detachable cable. the $20 monoprice headphones that people keep raving about on this site. some of the superflux are a little bit cheaper than the Shure's have a detachable cable. i think that philips also has some cheaper headphones that have a...
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    Best low-cost portable headphone?

    if a detachable cable is important you could also look at the monoprice 8323 headphones they go for around $21 plus shipping.