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    Reply to review by 'dovahkiin' on item 'Sennheiser IE80'

    @drbluenewmexico @AManAnd88Keys and @Gamergtx260 You guys were right. Since then, my wallet has taken a beating on DT770 Pros, IE800s and recently a finishing blow with a Shure SE846 and a pure Silver cable from Nobunaga labs....   ... It was worth it.
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    Shure SHR840 & Micca Origen+ Combo

    Yeah. Sorry. Just looking to buy the Origen+ if you'll have it. Got myself a pair of SE846s and don't need another set of cans. Would you be open to discussing just the OriGen?
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    Can anyone help me with spare SHURE SE846 filters and nozzle tool??

    Hi there. Just checking on what measures you and anyone here finally took to source the treble filters for the SE846. Is the expensive store bought option the only way to go??
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    Review by 'dovahkiin' on item 'Sennheiser IE80'

    I just saved up money and purchased my first pair of Audiophile class anything. I've done my homework and on nothing but the regular laptop output using Foobar and listening to Santana's Samba pa Ti..... I'm Crying!   I've never experienced this kind of....immersion in sounds before. I've been...
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    The Upcoming FiiO T3 | Dual SD slot | 3.2 inch full touch screen | Optical/Coaxial/USB digital output | Slim design | APT-X | TYPE C |

    Could Could we get a heads up before you guys launch so that we headfi'ers could be the first investors? :P It's only fair ththat the dedicated community get the first units so that, as an MVP, we could give you the best feedback to make the early adjustments to FW updates and UI touch-ups.
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    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    Hey this is a great idea!   Massdrop username: Dovahkiin   I'd really like to see some of the new DAPs being featured on Massdrop, like the iBasso DX80 and the Fiio X7. Maybe even some portable amp hacks that might help us noobs out in the crowd!
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    Ibasso DX80

    Well, I just came across these three:   Dutch, French and...
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