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    Grado SR325is. USD 150

    Selling my SR325is. Brand new cushions on it. Comes in a case. Not interested in trades, PayPal only. Asking 150USD.
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    DX150 for sale

    Interested, but can you post a pic of the marks on the screen? Does it come with all original accessories (cables and such)?
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    Grado SR325 Prestige Series For Sale, in case.

    Selling my trusted pair of Grado SR325. Don't really use them anymore (I have too many) and someone else should enjoy these cans.   Come in a case that I used to protect the hedphones while traveling. I used these with a...
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    iMod G5.5 for sale. 30GIGs, with Compact Flash.

    ***SOLD*** This is the famous Red Wine Audio "iMod" modified 5th generation iPod. I have settled on the iBasso DX90, and have no use for the iMod, even though it sounds absolutely fabulous.    RWA modified ONLY the G4 and G5 Pods because of the higher-quality Wolfson DAC chips in these units...
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    iBasso D12 Anaconda with original OPAMP rolling kit.

    Selling my iBasso D12 Anaconda, with all original accessories (coaxial cable, OPAMP rolling kit, hex key, spare 3.5mm jacks, pouch).   Self powered DAC and Hi-Definition headphone amplifier with many input options, including digital inputs from optical, coaxial, and USB, and analog input from...
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    *SOLD* Alpha Dog for sale. Black, immaculate.

    Immaculate pair of Mr. Speakers famous Alpha Dogs for sale. I just don't use them enough, and someone else should enjoy these. They come in the original packaging with all accessories included (metal stand, velvet pouch, "doggie treats", hex key, manual). 2 cables included (1/4" and 3.5mm). Bass...
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    Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

    Not posting because of I have an issue, or because I have a solution for other people's issues, but posting to thank Headwhacker because I just took the plunge and installed Rockbox on my DX90... OMG what a difference in SQ. Thanks man, you just gave my DX90 and Westone 4Rs a second lease on life.
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    FS: Audeze LCD-2.2

    PM sent too.
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    MINT iBasso DX50 (last batch, FW1.2.8) for sale. $185!

    Got my DX50 early March directly from iBasso, but upgraded to the DX90. So, the DX50 is up for sale. It is like brand new, but burnt in. All original, not RockBoxed, no firmware or UI issues. Not a mark on it. Has always been in the silicone case (I am including the brand new case from my DX90)...
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    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

    Got my DX90 a couple of days ago. Packaging ripped open by customs, they took out the battery and taped it into the cardboard box, which I threw out... After realizing the battery was missing I double checked, and there it was inbetween a double wall of cardboard with a massive amount of the...
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    Ibasso DX90

    PM sent too, just in case.