Head Gear Reviews by Double-A
  1. Ultrasone Go

    0.50 star(s)
    DO NOT PURCHASE THESE HEADPHONES! My original pair were falling apart, so I arranged for a second pair to be shipped to me. Those started falling apart, so I just decided to be done with them and throw them away. I'm glad that I won them in an Ultrasone sponsored sweepstakes and didn't have to pay anything for them (although it wasn't cheap to send my original defective headphones all the way to Germany in order to get my replacement pair). I am not trying to trash Ultrasone as a company, they have lots of more expensive headphones with excellent...
  2. Shure SRH840

    4.00 star(s)
    Carrying Bag   I would have preferred a hard carrying case for the headphones, but, when you consider the cost of these cans, the soft carrying bag is acceptable. I plan to eventually buy the hard carrying case that is included with the headphones that are one model number higher because I emailed Shure customer support and I was told that the SRH840s and the SRH940s are the same size so the 840s should be able to fit in the case that was designed for the 940s.   Cable   The cable isn't as nice as the cable that came included with my new...