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    Would any Bluetooth headphones work as a gaming headset for Xbox One?

    Never mind. I looked through the settings on my Xbox and discovered that there is no place to even connect Bluetooth accessories.
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    Early Head-Fi'er

    Cool share, thank you.
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    Looking for advice for floor standing speakers

    Have you heard of That is an online forum dedicated to speakers/home theater equipment.
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    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    Thanks so much, you guys! Having the mod is important enough to me that I think I would be OK with the wait.
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    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    Hi everyone, off-topic question (sorry). Is there a company (such as maybe Moon Audio) who can mod a pair of headphones (such as the DT 880s) which have a hardwired cable so that you can use a detachable cable with them without being under any obligation to purchase an expensive, esoteric...
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    So, who manufactures quality new production tubes?

    Thanks for the in-depth response.
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    So, who manufactures quality new production tubes?

    Hello, I wasn't exactly sure where I should post this thread, so I posted it in a few different subforums to get the most views and, hopefully, the most diverse range of answers. I was wondering what manufacturers are out there making new tubes that are high quality. I know that most users here...
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    Aune T1 USB Tube DAC+ SS Amp Discussion Thread ***See first post for FAQ--Updated on 02/14/15***

    Quick question everybody, Would some of the tube rolling threads for other amps be good resources to consult in combination with this thread to find a good replacement tube for the T1? Or will a specific tube that sounds good with one of those products not necessarily sound good with the T1...
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    O2 AMP + ODAC

    The reason why I want to go with the Aune is that it is a tube DAC and I want to get a taste of that "tube magic" that I hear members rave about on this website. I know that tubes are associated with followers of the subjective philosophy and, thus, could be considered antithetical to what the...
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    O2 AMP + ODAC

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about using an Aune T1se as the DAC for my just-purchased 600-ohm DT 880s and an O2 for my amp. The Aune will have to wait a little bit because it is a little pricey for my humble means, but I can purchase the O2 now. Which version would be a better match for my setup...
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    I just watched the two movies that S. Craig Zahler has directed: Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99. Bone Tomahawk has an exceptional cast who provide equally exceptional performances. I really like Kurt Russell in westerns, from watching both Bone Tomahawk and The Hateful Eight. Brawl in...