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    Roll Call for Team AKG

    I still have my old (I think they are going on a decade-old now) K 271 Studio cans. They are in need of their second set of new earpads soon as well as replacing the foam cover over the drivers, Sound-wise, they are as good as new and still my only pair of full-size cans. I went through a lot of...
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    2012 CanJam @ RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) -- Come and hang out with thousands of fellow audio enthusiasts!

    I will almost certainly be working this weekend but I'd like to see about making it either on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I have missed RMAF the past few years and would really like to see how it's grown.
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    Start Making Your Plans For 2011 CanJam @ RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)!

    Despite living so close to the DTC Marriott, I likely won't be able to make it down due to my work schedule. At best I'd make it Sunday but it looks like the show closes at 4PM so I'd be there for maybe a couple hours. Maybe next year I'll be able to go.
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    The niche electronic music thread - synthpop / EBM / dark-electro / gothic / rythmic-noise / experimental / chiptune / etc.

    davaNtage has been rapidly growing on me this past year or so. The lineup changed drastically around 2005 or so and so did their style somewhat, from a more traditional floor-stomping EBM to something a little more varied.   An example of their earlier sound before vocalist Kay Hartel...
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    Post your computer specs!~

    Mine is truly nothing impressive, but it does just what I need: Apple Mac mini (late 2007 rev.) 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 4GB RAM 500GB Western Digital Scorpio hard drive Internal OEM Mitsumi DVD-ROM/CD-RW External Lite-On DVD-RW/CD-RW External Western Digital 320GB FireWire hard...
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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    I'm glad to read these opinions of the 60 Minute IPA. I had tried it a little while back and was thoroughly disappointed considering all the praise it gets elsewhere. I couldn't believe how malty it was and its lack of bitterness. Just nothing special at all and ranks as one of the worst IPAs...
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    which ones for iphone, shuffle and macbook klipsch S2, UE metro fi 170 or new apple in ear?

    If you can find them for $60, the Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220 might be a good bet. It has pretty decent bass response and good sound quality overall.
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    Do IEMs just naturally have more bass than full-sizes?

    IEMs are made for portable use and portable users tend to value bass a lot more than someone listening at home might. Dynamic IEMs tend to be tuned to have a bit more bass response. Balanced armature IEMs, due to the nature of the drivers, often tend to have less bass response than average...
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    Anyone walk through a major blizzard?

    Quote: Originally Posted by maporter Well overnight we had another 4" of snow and it's still falling on and off, however I've witnessed the most amazing sight - Thundersnow !! Lightening, thunder & snow all at the same time ! I'd never heard of it before and was so surprised I had to...
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    How much "obsolete" technology do you use?

    Let's see: Tube headphone amplifier Turntable and vinyl records CRT TV (analog-only model, so only usable as a monitor) Bank tellers (their high-tech replacements still aren't that useful) Cash Hmmm, that's about it really. I used to have mechanical watches but haven't used a watch in...
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    the outside temperature

    Quote: Originally Posted by iancraig10 8 inches. I measured it with a special tool that I use for this. Ian
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    This is the slowest moving package I have ever seen.

    Quote: Originally Posted by SiriuslyCold dunno if you young 'uns remember a few years ago there were rumours the courier companies would have to merge in the wake of the stock market crashes. FedEx merger with UPS would have been FedUps Mule, are you sure it arrived? status not...
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    Why do some of yall look down on the HD280s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dpippel I pointed out that if you have to EQ your source bits so much to make those HD280s sound good to you then maybe the people who think they're not very good headphones are correct. I have to agree with this. You shouldn't need to use EQ to make...
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    Anyone lose control of their car.

    Worst time when I was behind the wheel was when I was heading to work one morning after it had snowed and hit a nasty patch of ice on the onramp (the one from northbound Union to eastbound Highway 6, for you Denver folks). I was driving a Buick LeSabre which turned into a 3-ton sled sliding to...
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    Poll: Audible Difference between FLAC and 320kbps MP3?

    Quote: Originally Posted by anetode The USB version of the new Beatles box set includes both 24bit/44.1khz flac & 320kbps lame 3.98 cbr. So, while going through and re-tagging the mp3 files, I was listening to their flac counterparts. Throughout Revolver I was hearing details I've never...