Head Gear Reviews by Dogmatrix
  1. Sennheiser Urbanite XL Black Over-Ear Headphones

    3.50 star(s)
    The Start This review is part of the Official Sennheiser URBANITE Australian review tour organized by White Lotus and made possible by Sennheiser Australia . Many thanks to White Lotus for his efforts and Sennheiser Australia for their trust and generosity . I have no connection to either party and received no reward or inducement for this review   Cast and crew For the week the Urbanite was with me it alternated between the following Ipod nano gen2 FIIO X1 Ipod Classic + Denon DA10 Dell Inspiron 17r Woo Wa7+Tp   Venue In order to test...
  2. WooAudio WA7 Fireflies

    4.00 star(s)
    A truly stunning aesthetic combined with a high level of functionality and a beautiful sound suggests the Wa7 will be around for a while. Purists may be turned off by the internal USB powered dac , LED enhanced tube glow and the lack of rolling options. I think this unit will really appeal to people who may have been interested in a tube amp but worried about the potential problems. The Wa7 is a set and forget solution just plug in switch on and relax.
  3. Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo

    5.00 star(s)