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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    From memory I think it goes like this One bourbon, one Scotch, one beer. One pourbon, one Scotch, one beer. One pourbon, one Sblotch, one beer. One proourbon, one Sblotch, one veer. BBluuuurpff
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    cd browse?

    Do whatever you find most convenient the cd is not bothered
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    Which music is good for burn-in music? any helps or suggestions?

    I worked in a speaker factory , part of my job involved replacing drivers that had been damaged All the drivers in our speakers were tested before and after installation and the results kept on file Replacing a damaged driver involved re-testing the remaining drivers so the computer could...
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    How many headphones user rubber surround for their drivers? Does it matter?

    Generally a thin flexible surround allows more of the driver to present a linear piston type movement With a conventional one piece plastic driver quite a large proportion is taken up between the fixed baffle and the moving coil Only the area within the diameter of the coil presents a linear...
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    Separate left / right tone controls on the Marantz PM94 . I have one in the back room in need of repair might put it in for a quote but it is very heavy
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    Show us your dog!

    I think she is a Kelpie one of the most intelligent and loyal dogs ever
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    Is it legal for Hifiman to refuse their one year warranty?

    Start by setting a comfortable level at say 400hz Sweep back to the start you probably wont hear much below 20hz Gradually sweep up the scale Volume should remain stable as frequency rises Keep in mind the headphone and your ears do have a response curve so some rise and fall is normal Find a...
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    Is it legal for Hifiman to refuse their one year warranty?

    Try running a frequency sweep that will at least pinpoint the trouble
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    Biggest head scratcher

    Thank you for this post although I find it somewhat cryptic it did spark some questions I think are relevant you may be able to help with Is there a definable attribute that distinguishes a composer from a great composer ? Similarly in performance what distinguishes the virtuoso from the...
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    Biggest head scratcher

    A difficulty arises in the correlation of a perception ie the reason I prefer one cable over another with an observed measurement ie capacitance , resistance
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    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    Might want to just live with it as those screws are notoriously fragile and difficult to remove often glued or even soldered inside the cup
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    2359glenn | studio

    Factoid , there were several 7n7 tubes , very likely National Union on board the B-29 Enola Gay used in repeater amplifiers for the control servo motors
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    Post A Painting Thread

    Jeannie Petyarre / Bush Leaves
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    For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

    I think England is a small region near Novosibirsk