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    Earphone Recs for Frequent Flyer (Isolation)?

    Right now the Klipsch Custom 3's can be had on Amazon for $99.00.    IMHO a great deal on a set of phones with a warm sound signature and good bass response.  The weak point is the cable on these.  Fit can be a little tricky until you get use to them but once you get it figured out they are...
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    My thoughts: iPhone 3GS vs VibeZ

    Quote: Originally Posted by Acreo Aeneas When you say "VibeZ", you mean this old thing? Yes, that would be the very nice sounding "old thing"
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    Best for soundstage?

    I've got the clip your talking about and use it regularly. Here's a link to listen to the file. not sure were to get the mp3 file. Thanks
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    Best sounding (non-EQued/non-modded) player you've heard in your puny little life.

    Best to worst:Rio Karma Trekstor VibeZ Sansa Fuze Ipod Shuffle 1G Ipod Nano (new one) Creative Zen V
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    What DAP/PMP has most disappointed you?

    Creative Zen V was the most disappointing player I ever had SQ wise.
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    TrekStor vibez going flash.

    Quote: Originally Posted by RubenNYC A real shame, too. If my vibez dies before a new one comes out, I'll be putting my Rio Karma back into service. Your a lucky man to have a backup like that Not sure I'd be real happy with any replacement at this time for mine. Can't...
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    New to the "Audiophile" Market

    Open Portable - Koss KSC75 lean to the forward or brighter side but still have good balance of bass midrange and high end detail. All around winner. Open Portable - Senn PX100 Deep Bass but you might consider it bloated. Highs can seem rolled off or recessed. Still makes a good Rock headphone...
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    Break it in?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Concat Just got my SR60's and have a seen a few comments about breaking in headphones. What exactly does this do? Does it just sound better, or is the bass response better or...? And can you just leave them on overnight to do it There are 2 schools of...
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    Data Collection: Who are the majority Headphiles ^ ^

    50's Male, Got to be a few more of us around???
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    Is BASS overrrated?

    Is Bass overrated? No, and in speaker or live setting it can physically connect the listener to the music. Not only do we hear it but we also feel it. Is Bass that is poorly reproduced and/or out of balance with the rest of the composition overrated? IMHO it is.. To me, Bass and Treble...
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    ER6i cheap @ Palm

    Quote: Originally Posted by TacticalPenguin Their wires are strong tough flexible etc, theyre just very thin. Hasnt been an issue for me. Ditto My ER6's have been through a lot of very rough times, over several years and never a problem with the wires.
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    ER6i cheap @ Palm

    Not sure if there are many fans of the Ety ER6i but for the price Palm is offering them for, ~ $48, I figured there might be some interest. I still get a lot of use from my trusty ER6's. I might grab a set or 2 for gifts. Here's the link or you can go through the Add on Head-Fi. Palm ER6i
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    Klipsch sale @ half price

    Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 I am interested too. I've seen reviews from owners of both, who like both. But they have a very different sound sig, from what I gather. Mine (Custom 3s) are on the way, and at $150, a great price. . The half price deal did it for...
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    Most glorious female voice ever?

    Without a doubt - Allison Krauss
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    mp3 player 10 yr anniversary - your first??

    Rio Karma, Ebay around January 2005 I think