Jazz and Fusion Guitar, listening to music, endlessly spending time on forums. Get outside!
Headphone Inventory
Px100, ESW9a, K601, Senn ie7, Focal Spirit Professional, Beyerdynamic dt880 300 ohm recabled to balanced
Headphone Amp Inventory
Violectic HPA v181, Corda 3move
Source Inventory
Rockbox'd 60 gig ipod 5.5gen, Foobar 2k + ASIO4ALL, Emotiva XDA-1, the optical output on my MOBO, Oppo 970HD for CD/SACD playback, iBasso DX90
Cable Inventory
Emotiva Optical/RCA Cables, ALO Audio Au/Ag LOD.
Other Audio Equipment
Home theater/stereo = NAD reciever, jbl and CA speakrs, yamaha sub. Oppo BDP83 for blu ray.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Headphile Stand
Music Preferences
Electronica, Jazz, Fusion, Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Classical, Jam Bands.
Teacher in NYC


At home: Foobar into emotiva xda-1, violectric hpa v181, into balanced beyer dt880 300 ohm or focal spirit professionals
On the go: iBassio dx90 into senn ie7 earbuds