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  1. ZMF Verite Open LTD Desert Ironwood

    These are mint mint mint, with barely any usage. Included are the following accessories: - Military Carry Case - Limited Edition Desert Ironwood Verite Open - XLR Stock Cable - 1/4” Stock Clothed Cable - Leather Universe Pads Perforated - Leather/ Suede Universe Pads Perforated - Red velvet...
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    Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

    Hold up. I don't usually let other's opinions bother me as it's not one bit of my business, but this is a terrible take lol. I own all of the above (minus the SR-009) can 100% say that the Susvara is quite a bit better than the Utopia and especially LCD-X 2021 (which is a beautiful revision and...
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    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

    I need to part ways with one of my X00's. Whoever is interested, just need to keep 1: TH-X00 Purpleheart TR-X00 Ebony
  4. Aurorus Borealis

    Amazing headphones, recently serviced. All accessories included. Shipping not included. If you know, you know!
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    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    Well, up until recently I had the SR1a, and I had two speaker amps to try it with. Bryston B135sst2: To me this amp has almost no color, and bottomless bass extension. It sounds incredible with Susvara, and drives the Raal wonderfully, albeit it definitely being an analytical listen. With some...
  6. Aurorus Borealis

    Great condition Aurorus Audio Borealis. Phenomenally tuned headphone and a must have for those looking for neutral tuning with incredible sub bass. King of the sub $1300.00 headphones in today’s market! Feel free to make an offer as well.
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    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    He's not driving the Stax directly from HSA-1b, be aware. He is using speaker ouputs of the Raal amp, into the iFi iESL energizer, which is a smart solution indeed :)
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    The Spectacular Final Audio D8000 Pro - Review

    The Susvara is! It’s the most notable marvel of engineering since HD800 was released :)
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    Oh no way, you guys did it huh. I'll have to compare to Z1R! Enjoy the Fourte, I know I was 2 weeks ago when he let me try!
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    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    I'd wear mine right about point A. Maybe ever-so-slightly higher. Essentially, the bottom of the temple pad lining up with the top of my ear. Z axis-wise, the vertical cushion 1.5-2 CM forward from touching my ear.
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    HiFiMan Susvara

    I may have an original Mc225 on the trading block as I've just changed speakers. It's my favorite amp of all time. My heart says I'll never sell this amp but just keeping it for Susvara/ HE6/ K1000... my brain says maybe it's excessive. Problem is I live in Canada lol.
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    Some headphone recommendations purely based off what I've owned for extended periods of time that will mesh with you if you like IER-Z1R. Fostex TH-900 - More V shape than the Z1R slightly (bit brighter in mid treble but less in low treble). HiFiMAN HE6 (original) - An overall better Z1R...
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    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    I can't wait for your impressions now that you will own it and spend time understanding this beast. Keeping track on the shipment! I personally found myself listening to it with the flaps opened at a 25 degree angle - it's the least wonky FR imho. Also, the headstrap isn't necessary if you're...
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    Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

    So I just re-ordered an IER-M9... in part due to you. 3rd time coming back to the M9 - it remains my favorite tuned iem, EVER. I currently own KSE1500, Z1R, MEST, EX1000 - have owned or extensively had on hand: Odin, A8000, U12T, Nio, Elysium, VE8, Fourte Noir, Fourte, U18T, Andro 2020...
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    HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    If anyone wants to part ways with a 4 Screw please get in touch :)