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    Quick Impressions: Abyss Phi TC, ZMF Verite Closed, Stax 009 & Sennheiser HE60 "Baby Orpheus"

    You shall see before end of 2022 hopefully. Definitely not speculation though, and indeed it's A-T 60th anniv. Besides that I can't say much more :)
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    The Watercooler-- Impressions, philosophical discussion and general banter. Index on first page. All welcome.

    I hate to be ”that“ guy but perhaps someone here may genuinely capitalize on the moment. Decided to part ways with my Red Halo FE, which truthfully is fantastic but I just haven’t done much audio listening this summer and blew a head gasket on my old car.. another passion project. So if anyone...
  3. Unique Melody Red Halo FE

    Best iem in the world and arguably the best headphone product of the last decade. Item is sparkling mint. Tuning is definitely more on the technicals/ Hi-Fi spectrum as all flagship products should be. Think of it as a super Oriolus Trailli. Pics to come & available on request. Happy listening!
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    Comment by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'Audeze LCD4 Burl'

    I just want to confirm they were indeed sold to a happy new owner shortly after having been listed, sorry. Hopefully Audeze will offer such beautiful woods again someday.
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    I disagree here. Had VE flagships on loan last month, and the Firs last week so these are especially fresh on my mind. On an objectivity level Z1R is a another level completely over any of the Fir's, and trading blows but generally better than the EXT. I sold off my EE Odin's which I personally...
  6. Audeze LCD4 Burl

    The headphones are in brand new condition, received from Audeze last month and have a total of 2 hours on them. Apparently this was a Hi-Fi brick & mortar store unit that was never sold as their focus is super high end speakers. Audeze changed hardware to new and polished the wood. These are...
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    Comment by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'Dangerous Music Convert 2'

    Amazing dac and great price! Better than most 5K+ dacs out there
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    Dan Clark Audio Stealth Review, Interview, Measurements

    Shameless plug-in but also a great opportunity to help take your Stealth to true endgame - parting ways with WyWires Platinum cable since selling my DCA Stealth : This was by far the best cable I've owned...
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    Feedback by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'Verite Open Camphor Burl'

    Second time dealing with DAPower and he’s the real deal. Great and friendly user, very good communication. Much recommended Head-Fier!
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    Feedback by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'Verite Closed Stabilized Epoxy Hadria I'

    Very pleasant and friendly user. Payment prompt and not too many back and forthers Recommended head-fier :)
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    Feedback by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'Fostex TH900 Brilliant Purple Limited Edition'

    Easy communication, fast payment and very pleasant user. Enjoy your headphones! I recommend any Head-Fier to deal in confidence with UltimaVZekken :)
  12. Cayin RU6 new

    Doesn’t get as mint as this: - 1 hour of usage - Original accessories never even touched Everything works as it should. Sound is good though not the flavor I enjoy. Priced for quick sale. Cheers,
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    Feedback by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'Focal Utopia headphones'

    Communication was great and transaction was handle promptly. Recommended Head-Fi er :)
  14. DCA Stealth Wywires Platinum Balanced Cable

    This is a 5 foot 4 pin XLR Wywires Platinum cable with Dan Clark Audio (or MrSpeakers) terminations. Incredible cable, but I no longer own the Stealths. For those familiar with this cable, I need not say more - incredible sound and really brought stealth to a higher level of transparency and...
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