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    Turntable advise

    Quote: Originally Posted by memepool Back in the day most direct drive turntables had far superior specs than belt drives. Figures of -88 db were pretty common place even for quite humble dd's whereas only top of the range belt drives like the Linn LP12 would reach this level...
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    Entech 203.2 mods?

    Sorry to revive an old thread. Does anybody happen to know the output impedance of the entech 203.2 DAC? I'm thinking about putting a passive volume control between it and an adcom 535 power amp for a desktop speaker system. The entech certainly has plenty of output volts, but it would be...
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    Bi-wiring Made a Difference

    Sov, just draw the wiring diagram including impedence of the wire. Now tell me there is no POTENTIAL difference.
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    Bi-wiring Made a Difference

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Exactly my point, in bi-wiring what you actually do, is just placing a longer jumper betweeen the two connections True, but not quite. You are also connecting the middle of that long wire to the terminals of the amp. Remember ALL wires have...
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    Bi-wiring Made a Difference

    If you don't believe there is any difference in wire then of course bi-wiring can make no difference. The difference between bi-wiring and other cable tweaks is at least there is a theoretical difference. Sovkiller, try drawing a speaker wiring diagram, but, replace the wire by a low value...
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    Bi-wiring Made a Difference

    Here is something I posted on another forum about this subject. It might be relant here . . . ********* begin copy of previous post *********** Currently I have my b&W speakers biwired. I could not tell the difference in sound, so didn't go to the trouble of making them single wired...
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    How do the Insignia BS 211s compare to the Paradigm Atoms ( or Titan )?

    There is more to it than "absolute quality", however you define that. Speakers are kind of like headphones, there is alot of personal preference involved. For example consider grado 60 (at about $60), and Senn 650 (at about $300). Many (most?) people would say the 650 is the "better"...
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    Best Tweak Ever

    I agree. it makes a HUGE difference. There is no point in buying low noise equipment if you listen to it in a high noise environment!
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    Suggestions for Some Small Speakers for Office at Work?

    The online bb specs for these speakers are wrong. They are more like 13-14" high, and about 8 inches wide. Still too big for your purposes I guess. I can measure mine if you need to be more specific. Too be honest, they are $50 speakers. Good ones, but still $50 dollars. . . OK maybe $100...
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    PC speakers recommendations

    I'm thinking about using small bookshelf speakers. Right now I'm leaning toward the b&W 600, but I've got to go listen to others. At first I think I try powering them with a t-amp. For nearfield listening at reasonable volumes it might provide enough power. If not I'll make a passive volume...
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    New and old Reggae recommendations please.

    Quote: Originally Posted by apostate Lucky Dube is definitely one of my favorites. House of Exile or Captured Live is always on the iPod. Alpha Blondy, Black Uhuru, Steelpulse, Aswad, Big Mountain, Beres Hammond, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Junior Tucker, Maxi Priest, Burning Spear all...
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    Recommend me some albums that must be heard on vinyl

    Quote: Originally Posted by trains are bad I'd also like something a bit more natural, maybe some classical? If you can find MFSL John Klemmer - Touch, it sounds very nice on vinyl.
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    Breakup Music

    Greg Brown, Just By Myself (happy happy happy)
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    Is The Who's New Album Endless Wire a Remake of Gordon Lightfoot?!

    It is certainly not a remake of gordon lightfoot's album. I wonder if the Who parts of the 1976-10-09,10 shows are available. You know that Billy Graham probably taped the whole thing from the soundboard. . .
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    Maybe it is time to put DAC's into new subforum?

    If it came to a vote I think I'd vote to leave things as is. Record players, Cd players, seperate transport and Dac, tape players are all dedicated source components in my mind. If you were looking for a new CD player why not consider a seperate transport and DAC? Likewise if you wanted to...