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    People With Customs-Do You Also Use Universals, Or Do You Use Your Customs For Everything?

    I use my customs almost all of the time.  I find them extremely more comfortable then universals now.  I also have found them to be very easy to take in and out (especially compared to foam).  It's all about rotation.   lately I have been using full size cans at work though.
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    About to Purchase Denon AHD2000's

    Get a Fiio e17.  Its apparently even better then the e10's quality dac, but still has all the portable features of the e7.  Thus you can use it as a quality dac/amp at home, and as a good amp on the go with a DAP.  Get an LOD too. 
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    [Impression] FiiO E10

    Has anyone compared the E10 to the Audinst MX1 or Yulong U100?
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    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    Is $141.41 a good price for the EX600?  Found them here   Sony EX600  
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    Sony MDR-EX600: Impressions Thread

    Is $141.41 a good price for the EX600?  Found them here   Sony EX600  
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    Sony MDR-EX600: Impressions Thread

    Is $141.41 a good price for the EX600?  Found them here    
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    1964 Ears

    Quote: I almost agree.  I too dislike the Trips and Clip+ combo, but I wouldn't call it really horrible.   I was surprised though because I have always found the Clip+ to be such a clean great source for all of my other IEMs.    
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    1964 Ears

    Hey Rawster, how does the 1964T pair with the HUD-MX1?  Is it better then with the J3?
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    1964 Ears

    I have been noticing that too Eric.  I had the 10 and the DBA2, but ever since I got my 1964T, they have not been used.  The customs are on a completely other level and has made me stop looking at any universals at the $200 and up range.  I still look at lower price ones to have a...
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    New DAC / Amp - uDac 2, E-MU 0204, Audinst HUD-MX1, Yulong U100

    I am currently using the uDac V1, but recently purchased some 1964 customs and can't help but wonder if my uDac is now the weakest link in my chain.  I have read many reviews, but just wanted to get a couple more opinions before I pull the trigger.  Do I buy the uDac 2 upgrade for $65, go all in...
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    1964 Ears

    I figure I'll give a few impressions of the 1964-T since I have had them for a week.  For what it is worth, these are my first customs, and I currently own the DBA and recently sold my TF10.  I listend via uDac, Sansa clip+, Sony A818, Sony E345, Cowon U2.   The fit came out very good.  I...
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    1964 Ears

    Quote: That huge spot around the drivers is the bubble.  It's one large one.    
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    1964 Ears

    I have had mine for almost a week now.  The fit so far is great.  No issues there at all.  I do have one concern though, and I'm wondering if it is me being stupid.  There is a large bubble on the backsaide of the one that looks bad IMHO.  Take a look and let me know if you think I should bring...
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    Most neutral iem/ around ear headphones for unamped clip+?

    At $100 I would recommend the RE-ZERO or the SW-Excape.  I have heard neither, but I too love a flat sound and have researched them greatly before I went for the Fischer Audio DBA.  From what I have read, the ZEROs outperform the 0's without an amp.  With a good amp, the 0's are better, but...
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