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    Sony's new flagship 2014 - MDR-Z7

      I agree.   I also had DR-Z7 at 1978. It was narrow ranged compared to modern headphones, but I remember that listening with DR-Z7 was fun.
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    Almost the same. But the DS-DAC Edition is more flat than the original. The CD900ST is lack of low-bottom playback capacity. I can't fully hear Roland AIRA TR8 kick with CD900ST. I prefer the DS-DAC edition, but the CD900ST with YAXI pads is more comfort than SMB-02s. YAXI pads slightly...
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    Any good japanese Headphone amp ?

    Many japanese audiophiles simply belive that "more expensive, is better". So some products are obviously overpriced. But we must consider that the japanese audio market is relatively small (most of manufacturers do not sell to worldwide).
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    Any good japanese Headphone amp ?

    X-HA1 is slightly narrow ranged. The characteristic of the HD800 is wide ranged sound, so many people say X-HA1 is mismatched to HD800. I think too. Furthermore, X-HA1 has a little white noise. When you use high or middle impedance headphone, this noise is not audible. But with low impedance or...
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    Any good japanese Headphone amp ?

    I recommend Nmode X-HA1, 1-bit digital full balanced headphone amplifier. It costs approx. $800. But X-HA1 is not so good for HD800 (treble is spoiled) and it is very popular so always out of stock.
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    DS-DAC Edition (Left), Original Edition (Middle) and MDR-CD900ST with YAXI Protein Leather pad (Right).   The DS-DAC Edition is slightly thinner than the original. The cable is also slightly thin. Bass is tight. I recommend original SMB-02. In Japan, DS-DAC's street price is decreased to...
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    Best Studio Headphones

    I think the M50 and the M50x are almost identical. But I feel the M50x has slightly powerful low-bass. The MDR-7520 is obviously clearer than the M50x. But the M50x is more comfort and cheaper than the MDR-7520. So I recommend the M50x to the person who want to buy more music instruments and do...
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    New Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Removable Cable

    Just arrived. Almost neutral sound character with appropriate low-bass. I love it. I'll use it to make EDM.
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    AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio – Young Guru Edition

    The Young Guru has just arrived. The sound is somewhat similar to HD700. But mid-tone is behind, just like Custom One Pro or DT770 600ohm. I feel the TMA-1 Fools Gold Edition is too overbassed, but the Young Guru is within normal range. I am hard to say this is a typical basshead.
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    [New] Philips Fidelio X1

    Today, I get X1. The genuine cable is horrible. Lch; 2.0 ohm, Rch: 1.9 ohm, Ground: 1.8 ohm (by SANWA CD771 digital multimeter).
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    Luxman New DAC : DA-06

    I do not know much about MBA-1, sorry. MBA-1 is considered to be slightly outdated. Recently, most popular high-end headphone amplifier in Japan is P-700u, KH-07N or KH-08N by Newopto, X-HA10 by Nmode. KH-07N/KH-08N/X-HA10 are approx. $4000, build-to-order products. The X-HA10 is a digital...
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    Luxman New DAC : DA-06

    A relay noise does not contaminate the output signal. Remarkable loud sound is heard directly from the equipment anytime the music starts and ends, even you are at 2m from DA-06. I guess it might be corrected by firmware update.   In japan, the commercial audio journalism is obviously...
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    Luxman New DAC : DA-06

    Price may be approx. $3300 or higher. DSD is available thruough USB (both ASIO and DoP). The proprietry music player software for DSD is included. DAC chips are two TI PCM1792A. Its weight is 11Kg. DA-06 is already sold in Japan from Feb 22.    
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    Inner Fidelity Down?

    Quote: Thanks! I can display again, by stopping adblock.
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    Best Closed Ear Headphones (for my music taste) - Money not a concern.

    I have only one overear closed headphone, DENON AH-D7000. Previously, I had SONY MDR-Z1000, MDR-1R, MDR-XB1000 etc. I sold all of them except D7000. I heard the sound of AH-D7100EM, TH900, DT1350 , Spirit One, Edition 8 and T5p in the audio shop. I was attracted by TH900, which has tight bass...