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    Upcoming Sony Xperia Z. DAC?

    Now that is what it takes to be in the game. Listening to the consumers. This time Sony has paid attention to all the corners. Reviews seem to complain about the less than stunning display(with regards to contrast and viewing angles). Though i do not yet own one.
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    Nokia Lumia 920 sound quality?

    Yeah those are points worth noting but I still wonder why won't we get to enjoy our hp ports. I think the beauty of all these android interface multimedia devices are somewhat compromised in the name of portability and a cumbersome setup to overcome the shortcoming. Though its still anyday...
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    Nokia Lumia 920 sound quality?

    So still its the iphone that really cares for quality in the first place. Though it hurts to find not any alternative.
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    Poll on makes of DAP used by Head-Fiers

    ipod classic rockbox'ed powering sennheiser IE8
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    Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening.

    Quote:     Check pm.
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    Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening.

    I am running 'emcore > v0.2.3 r859 & rockbox > 48c248dM-120410' on the latest 160gb classic and didn't bother with any upgrade since then. Works flawlessly.    Now I feel like asking here if I'm terribly missing out on something.   Note: I am enjoying a reasonably great battery life and...
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    iPod Classic LOD and headphone out measure the same

    Interesting discussions..
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    Best DAP in the market

    I find the Sansa Clip to be of not much help for full size headphones due to its low power output. Even SQ wise I wouldn't swear by it. I've heard better in the form of iphones and ipods. But they are considered to drive BA iems better than many.   Yeah using the usb otg cable would bring...
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    Best DAP in the market

    Had I been in your shoes I would have bought a Fiio E7 as this reports to work with galaxy S3 via usb digital audio out. Even if you are not too keen in using the usb otg cable still the E7 can work as an amp only connected via the S3's headphone-out. Fiio are famous for their absolute value for...
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    Hearing ability check with Tone generator – iPhone Free App

      Quote:   LOL. I wonder if it's your hearing range or your iphone 4 speaker's range!
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    Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening.

    Thanks a tonne aroldan..
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    Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening.

    @aroldan   Can you suggest me a way as to how to do away with the max_vol_cap patch from your build? Means I like your builds but that max_vol_cap.patch.   Will highly appreciate if you can help me on this since you seemed more knowledgeable in these..    
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    Cellphone as a source....

    Well may I know what's your age like!!?