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    So I'm going to Hawaii.

    Eat lots of ahi while there--I ate it 9 days in a row! best ever! You can't help but feel guilty though, swimming with these gorgeous fish and then eating them for lunch.
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    Problem: Mini to 1/4" adapter noisy with ER6i

    bump Nobody has tried these phones with a quiet adapter?
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    Problem: Mini to 1/4" adapter noisy with ER6i

    When I use a mini to 1/4" adapter to plug my ER6is into my Ray Samuels XP-7 I get a loud hiss. This doesn't happen when I plug other phones into the amp and the ER6is are dead quiet straight out of my nano. I have two different but similar "nothing special" gold adapters. Anyone have this...
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    Un caffe, prego!

    Living in Rome for a while sort of ruined things for me when it comes to espresso. I became accustomed to 2-3 perfect cups a day. Even in New York it was impossible to find a perfect shot until recently(4 years later), when I finally enjoyed a shot without defect pulled by an old Italian man in...
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    Does the nano really scratch easily?

    I've had my nano in a padded altoids case from day one and, remarkably, have only two small hairline scratches. I'm planning on covering the top with a protective layer similar to those that protect pda screens. The scratching is a draw-back, but considering how wonderful the device is in every...
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    In New York City...

    See some live music. You're in the best music city in the world. With a student ID you can get 2 tickets to the philharmonic tonight for $10 each. Or catch some jazz at the village vanguard/blue note/birdland.
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    Is anyone else's HD650 overly "creaky"?

    When I posted in this thread back in November, I had hoped the creaking would stop. It definitely did not, much to my annoyance. Worse, a completely new noise has started, and I've determined that the place where my right-side zu cable meets the aluminum plug is the trouble-spot. It makes a...
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    Chicago Head-Fi Meet Impressions Thread 1/29/05

    Nice collection of source components--any impressions of the Sony(SCD-1?) v. Marantz(DV-8400?) on sa-cd?
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    Recommend me something Bose Wave Radio-ish

    Check out the Tivoli line of radios. The Model One(which I just picked up) is $100 and sounds excellent--a popular product. They also have a battery powered portable version and other variations. The design and build quality is superb. I dont know about use with the T-amp. If I recall correctly...
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    New Universal Players Abound--But Where's The Content?

    Unless you're into classical and classic jazz, the hi-rez catalogue isn't satisfactory, imo. Classical releases are plenty, which makes me happy, since classical is most of what I buy. check out, if you haven't already.
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    Blue Ray and HD-DVD on horizon--should I wait for price drops on current universals?

    When is the Blue Ray v. HD-DVD war supposed to start? I'm assuming current DVD-based universal players will drop in price as a consequence...Are the new players going to be here by first quarter 2005? Don't know how long I can wait...need new SA-CD source...
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    Is anyone else's HD650 overly "creaky"?

    Mine do the same thing. i ignore it. dont want to lube the hinges with anything before someone else does it...would something like wd-40 affect the paint?
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    OFFICIAL NEW YORK CITY MEET. Saturday Nov 13th Impressions Thread

    Wow. had a great time a my first meet. Some newbie impressions: 1. k1000s are dramatically different from anything i had ever strapped to my head! Very speaker-like--a refreshing heaphone experience. 2. The PS-1 on Ray's Stealth had too much bass, regardless of music choice. I loved my...
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    $2600 for "THE new champion of audio reproduction"?

    Levi's review was the most all-around positive write-up on any audio product I've seen published. I hope its not hype, as I am beginning to feel that a state-of-the-art source component is actually within my (albeit still quite stretched) budget. Welly, I have been reading about your pioneer and...
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    $2600 for "THE new champion of audio reproduction"?

    In the Shanling T200 thread, Tom Hankins complimented the modwright/Sony 999es. Interested, I read robert H. Levi's review. A quote from it: "As now configured, the ModWright/Sony not only tops all other digital reproduction I've heard to date, but all analog reproduction as well. No phono...