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    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    For a quick hack, you could lower all EQ bands to -12dB. Or use an inline volume control.
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    radius website says HP-TWF21 is ready

    Quote: Good luck with that. Radius just slaps their logo on the cheapest of the cheap Chinese OEM stuff, they don't build/design anything themselves. I have some five pairs of different Radius IEMs, some of them were already broken new in box. None of them lasted longer than 6 months. I...
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    Pictures Of Your Portable Rig (part XV)

    Don't you guys find 'fake' materials a bit tacky? Sure, nothing beats fancy woven carbon structures... but a plastic sticker imitating it?
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Quote:   I ignore the annoying backwards Huddler uploader and simply host the files on my own site.
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    COWON Z2 - The complete Review (from Izzi going)

    You can also use Rockbox, it's free. You can put an .apk any way you want on an Android device, as soon as it's on you just have to click it to install.
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Fantastic, Redcarmoose. A bit grainy viewed in full, but that doesn't matter, makes it more surreal. :)
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    Samsung Tab 7.7

    I have the P6810, and it says Made in Korea on the back. Battery life is excellent, it has a Yamaha DAC (my RMAA tests are here), and current 64GB SDXC cards work in all SDHC devices once they're formatted to FAT32 instead of exFAT.
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Quote:   Let's break the whole mammal theme a bit up... :)   My stupid little gold finches (and one green finch)... the Original Angry Birds™. Shot fully manual, with a 30 year old Tokina 80-200 f4, OM to EF mount adapter.
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    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    Don't forget that the Sony A series can't drive multi-armature IEMs properly, due to way too high output impedance. You can see the horrible frequency response linked by Migou67 in my tests above. It's a clearly audible deviation from how it should sound like.
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    I inadvertently pressed the BBE Mach3Bass button in Photoshop...