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    Getting over iPods

    All I have ever used for portable audio players are iPods. I have an iPod touch(32gb) and an iPod classic(160gb) and I use various IEM's(mainly J3-Buds) and Audio Technica M-50 Studio Headphones with these players. I want to move on to less restricted and higher quality players. I'm looking...
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    TMA-1 or HD-25 II?

    Quote: Yeah i think ur wrong on the design aspect and especially the "clamping"(See below) but as far as the treble goes i've heard amp/eq is all thats necessary to lighten up the dark sound the tma's produce unamped sound. Actually i've heard treble is just fine for the most part but i...
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    M50, HFI-580 or D1100?

    Yeah i definitely recommend AT M50's. Recently ordered them and they're great with bass and detailed sound especially for the price. Great noise reduction also
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    Sennheiser or bust?

    I was recommended to get some headphones from sennheiser and I've heard mixed reviews about the sound output, things like dampened sound, too bright, and too high impedance. I would primarily use it with an iPod for personal use and I'm not sure it has enough power to get the most quality out of...
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