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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    I'm looking for a 4ft Sennheiser HD 650 cable. If you are capable of making this for me I will cover costs. I'm happy with cheaper components and would like to keep the price down but would like it to look nice.   Send me a PM if interested and sorry if this is inappropriate for this thread...
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    Power Amp to Loudspeaker?

    So I can just use regular speaker wire?
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    Budget CD player

    Quote: She does but it is half broken and I don't see her spending the time to rip 100+ CDs
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    Budget CD player

    I am looking for a cheap CD player that I can connect to an integrated amp (via RCA). This will be used only occasionally when my GF wants to listen to one of her old CDs, so the best quality isn't the most important, but I don't want a piece of junk either.   The integrated AMP will...
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    Power Amp to Loudspeaker?

    This isn't really audio related but I figure you guys will know how to help. I am taking over this project from someone which is why I have things I don't know what to do with. I am basically creating a buzzer for a plant that will go off when it is break time / shift switch time. The buzzer...
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    I am looking to buy some full sized headphones. Here are my requirements: -Under $100. -Very comfortable -The will be used for music, mostly trance and electronic   Any suggestions?
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    Need an AMP for bookshelf speakers

    I currently have some Paradigm Titan bookshelf speakers connected to my dad's old Harman Kardon amp. Recently the amp has been making some buzzing sounds for a short time after the volume has been changed, so I am looking to replace it and donate it to my brother. This will be placed on my...
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    Speakers half died, can I fix them?

    So, I left my speakers out for a party, and I noticed halfway though the night that they were sounding kind of weird. It didn't look like anyone was physically abusing them (they were in the same position (in the corner) etc) I unplugged them anyways to maybe save them. I assume it is just...
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    Why are speaker wires "frayed"

    Just wondering why speaker wire is made up of tons of small wires, and not just 1 bigger one.    I didn't know what to google to get a good answer, so I'm asking here.
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    Speaker wire to RCA?

    I don't own a soldering iron.   I was going to see if I could connect some bookshelf speakers that were left in my house to my logitech powered sub.
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    Speaker wire to RCA?

    My old roomates used to have something like this, and currently I find myself needing it.I went to best buy, but he said you would have to go to a special audio store. Does anyone know where I could get something like this online? (maybe dealxtreme)    
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    Budget Receiver / Amp for Paradigm Titans

    I just got a pair of "mint" Paradigm Titans used for $100. A day later I find out that my dad's old receiver broke and I can't use it. This means I have $100-$200 to spend on a receiver or amp or DAC.   I have two computers (x-fi sounds cards) and an xbox that I would like to hook up to...
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    Need Advice on $200-300 2.0/2.1 Speakers

    Quote: Can you share some of these online places? (other than e-bay)     I have been doing a lot of reading, and I think it may be better to get a receiver or t-amp and some nonpowered speakers. This will give me more flexability in the future, and the option to add more speakers in...
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    What are the best IEM's for me

    My budget is 100-120 Canadian (like 80-100 USD) lower is obviously better. My JVC HA-FX66's are breaking down after about a year of use. The main uses are commuting and working in louder environments. Most of my music is at least 192kbits but most of it is 256 / 320. I listen to vocal...