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    Fiio FD5

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    Fiio FD5

    Sell the new Fiio FD5 The FD5 is 4 days young, is unused in the original packaging, cables and accessories. 289.- Headphones were bought via HifiGo and the taxes were also paid correctly on import, receipt included. Sale as a private person, PayPal possible.
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    [FiiO FH7] Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

    You have to test this thesis yourself, please report your results to us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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    FiiO FD5 - 1DD Flagship from FiiO

    I've only been able to brand you for 30 hours but am also impressed. It is interesting, in direct comparison with the FH7 ... would still prefer the FH7 for me. But this is 5 drivers for a similar result to one ... very interesting. At the moment, the FH7 are a little more balanced for me...
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    FiiO FD5 - 1DD Flagship from FiiO

    ok, should run normally .... have had good experiences. I had some delays from China, HifiGo Shop.
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    iBasso DX300 Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa-core 6GB RAM 128GB ROM

    Can you please return to the subject of the dx300 here? Morals and ethics hunters are welcome to open their own topic in the general area ... Is there any information about when the dx300 will be officially offered in Europe?
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    DAP battery expanded and broke case

    I can only highly recommend that you dispose of the Lipo battery safely and quickly :wink: Can ignite badly ... So far I've only had this in RC models, with cheap batteries. Or if the wrong accessory chargers are used
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    FiiO FD5 - 1DD Flagship from FiiO

    I'll get my fd 5 tomorrow, I'm really excited to see how the Fiio LC-RE will sound. The sound of the FH7 has changed very well compared to the LS 4.4D. a bit more silky, instruments / voices more deep and yet together a beautiful unit :relieved:
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    Audeze LCD-X

    the HE1000V2 would really still be my ... end game, currently that's still too much money for me ... But Ananda also has this Hifiman ... magic. Let's see, it can be that there is a nice bargain in spring :sweat_smile:
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    FiiO FD5 - 1DD Flagship from FiiO

    Unfortunately, Hifigo also showed himself badly to me. Purchased on December 28th as in stock and by express delivery ... then they weren't in stock. Sent on January 5th to get stuck in the tariff !! They are now being offered at 30 euros cheaper ...
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    iBasso DX220Max DAP, a transportable answer to high quality sound reproduction. New FW!

    the world is going crazy right now ... I got the Fiio LC RC cable for the FH7. everything is so wonderful, so surrounded by instruments, thank you :relieved:
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    Brand new IEMs falling apart

    If it holds now it's good anyway Why they are so empty .... take a look at these Fiio FD5 pictures for example. They only have one dynamic driver, but the whole part is filled with technology. The .Zhiyin 5000 has a lot of optics, looks good and less the technology...
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    iBasso DX220Max DAP, a transportable answer to high quality sound reproduction. New FW!

    There's a fine part here :relaxed:
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    Is legitimate?

    Unfortunately, I have to report negative experiences with hifigo. New on the market and in stock and Fiio headphones ordered by express, were not shipped for days because they were not in stock. Shipped days later, in the meantime they are even offered cheaper ....... but they are still not...