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    DIY Dedicated SPDIF PCI Card Request

    leeperry, I believe you nailed it! Great timing too. I'm traveling west on Monday. A trip to Fry's with the hardware requirements will be a major priority. Thanks!
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    DIY Dedicated SPDIF PCI Card Request

    Thanks for the tip, linuxworks. Wayback machine was right! I found references to a soundcard, looked like ISA. I see people looking for sound cards quite often only to use the SPDIF output to send the signal to a DAC. I'm somewhat surprised that a dedicated card is not available, or a...
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    DIY Dedicated SPDIF PCI Card Request

    What does it take to design a dedicated bit perfect SPDIF PCI card? Seems like this should have been done by now. Would it cost more that a good sound card without any improvement?
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    Music Server help

    My case is here, and I'm not changing it. In fact, it looks better than the pictures. I have Antec cases on older PC's around the house. If they had a model similar to what I have, then I would have considered it. I'll fill in the details so far on this rig. I have an AMD 5050e CPU (45...
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    Music Server help

    Ive used spare PC's in the past for music servers, and now I'm beginning to build one from new parts. I want this thing to be much quieter than a standard PC. I've selected a 45W AMD processor to keep the heat down. It may work with just a heat sink, but I want a CPU fan on it anyway. The fan...
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    Best Cover Song?

    Guess I'm going to have to try and dig that up for a listen. Thanks for the education.
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    Best Cover Song?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ssportclay Quicksilver Messenger Service-Who Do You Love Help me out on this one -- "Who Do You Love" is a cover!? So is their whole album a cover also? I ask because some of the other songs include: How Do You Love When Do You Love Where Do...
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    Calling on Head-Fiers from Philippines?

    I lived in Manila twice. I'm a native American and found my wife in Philippines. She is from Cebu. That is where I'll retire ... or head to if the economy totally crashes!
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    Anyone going to CEDIA Expo?

    As the title states -- CEDIA Expo is in Denver, Sept 3 - 7. (Custom Electronic Design & Installation) I expect the majority of it will be geared towards home theater, a good bit of 2 channel stuff should be present also. I'm going out Tuesday to setup our booth and hope to spend the...
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    Never knew about The HoneyDrippers

    I guess you would call this a confession from someone that thought he knew most Pop / Rock dating back to the 60's. In my search to find some new music, I came across The Honeydrippers. (Robert Plant, vocals ; Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, guitars ; Paul Shaffer, piano ; Nile Rodgers, rhythm guitar)...
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    Bruce Hornsby Free MP3's

    Just grabbed all 4 with no problem!
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    Horns for earbuds

    I was checking out the latest in flight mag on a Southwest flight today and came across these. Phonofone link I like the idea, but not at these prices. Anyone heard these?
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    Giving Blood

    I started giving blood a few years ago, and try to keep it up every few months. I knew I would have a hard time and possibly pass out. I had trouble in basic training (military) and didn't try for 20 years. I almost passed out and had to take it slow the first time a few years ago. The next...
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    Help with EAC

    Lame was confused because the syntax wasn't right. From the DOS prompt, you need to provide the source file and name the mp3 file. Type "lame" and hit enter to see the command. It's something like lame [options] <infile> (outfile) Rename a wav file to 1.wav, or something similar to make it...
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    I need the help of an electronic engineer

    My answer is 5 Farads. (But I'm not an EE) One idea - build the circuit and measure it. I don't have the caps or meter to test the answer.