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Reverse Engineering electronics.
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Headphone Amp Inventory
Who need's amp's when you have Beats by Dre.
Source Inventory
Various laptops and main desktop as digital file source provider.
Daphile OVA music server (Acer Veriton L460 that has been modded, might plan for a Streacom enclosure based build in the future with a Paul Hynes regulated PSU).
Sony SCD-XB940QS SACD transport (crucial parts re-capped, eliminated the multiple grounds on single PCB's to just one ground contact to prevent oscillation to circuit, 2 x LME47920HA with TO-2 heatsinks, dampening and shielding to the inner enclosure and laser mechanism).
Classe CD/DVD-1 transport (needs new transport mechanism servo board, if you want to part a Philips DVD 950/951/952 or 782 dvd player that still works, please contact me).
Denon DCD-620 CD transport, wooden cheeks, copper shield modded, 16.9mhz Super Tube Clock, muting transistors removed, LME47920HA x 3 (one for I/V converter), AD8599 for h/out, crucial parts re-capped, spdif out, PS filter caps upgraded to dual 4700uf 40v's better bass response compared to the original 2500uf 16v SMG's)
Pioneer DV-717 Champagne gold DVD transport (needs 3 x 470J ceramic inductor filters because they looked like ceramic MKP's so I ripped them out and put in MKP's which caused major noise problems, consulting with the service manual revealed the buggers to be inductors)
Grundig Finearts CD1000 CD transport (recapped crucial areas, upgraded opamps might plan for 6N2 using white cathode follower SRPP output stage add-on to the existing 4 x opamp buffered analogue outputs, dampening to the inner enclosure).
NAD 510 CD transport (gosh stock innards are using grade A one piece of crap generic no named components, great bass response, will be the subject for experimenting with various tube output stage add-on's from either from stealing points of the DAC and omitting existing output opamps in the analogue output stage or adding in 6n2 using white cathode follower SRPP output stage to drop Z to match output source as existing is quite high, plenty of space inside have big plans for this player or might throw it on fleabay, watch this space for updates).

Elektra DAC
Lite DAC-AH TDA1543 dac (modded)
Ross Martin PCM1794 dac (in pieces)
Cable Inventory
Crystal Cable Crystal Piccolino headphone cables x 2 (1 x raw cable, 1 x Mini XLR for LCD series headphones).
Crystal Cable Crystal Piccolo interconnects cables x 2
Various others
Power-Related Components
Other Audio Equipment
Orpheus Nexus 2 MK1
Modified JMax QHW-165 bookshelfs

Liquid Base electrostatic speakers.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Dynamat and heaps of speaker dampening wool and acoustic foam.
Music Preferences
Electronic, classical, metal, rap. And all it's sub-genres.
Phones, cars, computers, women, tablets, martial arts, anime
Endorsing Beat's by Dre products.