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    "Refurbished" audio components?

    Hi. I like to jog with a Sony sports discman. These are not made anymore but I can buy "refurbished" ones. What is the real story behind refurbished components? Are they clean? What exactly goes on when a product is refurbished? Why is a product refurbished in the first place? I would...
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    PX 100 Appreciation

    Quote: Originally Posted by TSuBaSa sq/price ratio is unbeatable but my pm100's rigt driver buzzed all the time(not a hair thing) so I had to give up on that one... One of my pair does that too. Does that mean it's worn out? Is there a fix for this?
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    A question about opening the lid on the Sony D-25

    Hi. I received a Sony D-25 CD player and want to treat it right. I have a question about opening the lid on the unit. There is a button marked "open" on the top. After pressing this button, the lid opens part way. The lid is meant to be manually opened the rest of the way, correct? There...
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    Questions about buying the NOS Sony d25s

    Hi. I've always wanted one of the vintage Sony PCDP that everyone raves about. However, I never wanted to buy used. Now, at ALO, I have an opportunity to buy a new one, fresh in the box. Can one of these SonyD25s power a large headphone, like the 650? Why does the Sony not come with the...
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    PCDPs, are they still alive?

    i tried ordering the D25 at ALO's website, without going through paypal. It wouldn't accept my valid credit card. Is this because I didn't go through paypal? What have your experiences been? I e-mailed ALO last night but he didn't get back to me yet.
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    Jogging with Senn PX-100s

    Thanks for the advice. The problem is, I'm not talking about jogging with the px-100 once or twice, but over the course of months. I'd like to find a headphone built not to short out. Unfortunately, the amazon reviews about the Sennheiser sport model referenced above state they short out.
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    Jogging with Senn PX-100s

    Quote: Originally Posted by ncage1974 Man those look way to big to job with. I wouldn't use them. I jog with these: I have had them for awhile with no problem. They don't fall out and they don't short out. Why do they short out...
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    Jogging with Senn PX-100s

    Come on people the whole world uses headphones when they're jogging. What do you actually use? What won't short out?
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    Jogging with Senn PX-100s

    Thanks, everyone. I checked the Koss return policy and I have to pay shipping to them for repair, and it's $6 to to get them back. That's about $20. What I really want to know is, why do headphones short out with jogging use, and which headphones don't short out?
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    New Sangean portable: Pr-D5

    No, but I know the GE is famous for its am reception. Interestingly, the GE has a 200 mm ferrite am antenna, and so does the new Sangean pr-d5. I'd love to have a digital Sangean with the am reception of the GE.
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    New Sangean portable: Pr-D5

    Hi. There is a new, Sangean portable am/fm radio out now, for sale at JR Electronics. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions. It boasts a 200 mm AM ferrite antenna, for "unmatched am reception." It is a stereo portable, about the size of a large paperback. It goes for about $85. It looks...
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    Is it safe to leave batteries in when Walkmen not in use?

    Hi. I have a lot of portable radios and CD players. Many of them I will not use for at least a year. Is it safe to leave the batteries in, or should I take them out?
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    What is your opinion of HD radio?

    I've been enoying HD radio for a little over 2 weeks now. It is a lot of fun, just receiving a digital radio signal, entirely different from the analog.
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    What is your opinion of HD radio?

    Hi. I just ordered the new, Sangean HDR-1 table top HD radio. I would like to have a remote controlled table top radio like this that I can place far away from the computer. I am hoping that this radio gets the usual Sangean good reception, and that I receive plenty of HD stations to experiment...