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    4.50 star(s) A studio reference IEM; Ohh great it is going to be boring! Empire Ears and my ears haven't always gotten along; we've tolerated...
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    dbsylvia reviewed the item Kinera BD005 Pro.
    4.00 star(s) Sometimes prices don't match up with build or sound quality. Most of the time this leaves you feeling disappointed or frustrated but...
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    dbsylvia reacted to JasonLucas's review on item Kinera BD005 Pro with Like Like.
    Bd005pro Good musical low end with good extension Has that Be coated low end sound Good treble extension even though it starts to...
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    dbsylvia reacted to asifur's review on item Tin HiFi T5 with Like Like.
    Tin HiFi T5 -The Best from Tin HiFi ! Disclaimer: This unit was supplied to me by Tin HiFi for the purpose of an honest review...
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    dbsylvia posted a comment on the item Tin HiFi T5.
    Here is a link to my Tin Hifi T5 review:
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    Here is my review of the Tin Hifi T5, sorry haven't heard the Fiio FH5s.
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    Totally agree. I much prefer the 03 to the 01. With a couple simple mods to get eartips to fit properly and a cable swap, the 03 is a...
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    Here is a link to my review of the Blon Mini: https://www.thehonestaudiophile.com/post/blon-mini-the-best-blon
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    dbsylvia posted a reply to a review on the item Final Audio A4000.
    I haven't heard Final E series, sorry.
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    dbsylvia reacted to NymPHONOmaniac's reply to a review on item Final Audio A4000 with Like Like.
    wow....your even more intense than me with grumpy review...and you listen to Tingvall and Baldych: nice. do you like Final E serie??
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    dbsylvia posted a reply to a review on the item Geshelli Labs J2 DAC.
    Geshelli Labs would be able to confirm but I believe it is $200 for non-sub and $250 for usb version. I would reach out to them via email.
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    dbsylvia added classifieds listing Shozy Form 1.4 to category In-Ear Monitors.
    Shozy Form 1.4 $166USD shipping included (Venmo or PayPal only) This is the IEM I reviewed on my YouTube Channel
    Shozy Form 1.4
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    dbsylvia posted a comment on classifieds listing Shozy Form 1.4.
    I just reactivated the posting. I closed it because I had a potential buyer on another forum but that didn't work out.
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    dbsylvia reviewed the item Geshelli Labs J2 DAC.
    4.00 star(s) Over the last several years Geshelli Labs has been producing DAC and amplifiers at budget prices that far exceeded the price paid with...
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    https://geshelli.com/j2 A NEW DESIGN ESS Here we come! Here at Geshelli, we like to find the positive light in an adverse situation...
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