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    Jaybird Freedom or Freedom Spirit BT Headphones, any new users?

    Yeah they're called Freedom Sprints also you can go by the model JF4MBL. Definitely go with the JF4MBLs they're smaller, sleeker, and an upgrade from the Freedoms (JF3MB). Jaybird is one of the top brands in the Bluetooth headphone market so they're definitely worth the price. If you're...
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    What are some top of the line Bluetooth headphones/earbuds out on the market?

    I've been looking to upgrade my current Bluetooth headphones. I currently own a pair of Jaybird JF3MB that I got off of So for I've been impressed with everything from sound quality to how secure they stay in my ears during workouts. The only thing is they're...
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    Best IEM Workout/Work Headphone

    Definitely should keep the jaybirds in mind. I own the jf4mbl  model and they are awesome for when im training in the gym and when im running at the track. they never fall out, are very comfortable, have a good lasting battery, and never lose connection. I had them for a couple months now and i...
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    Bluetooth headphones for sports?

    Ive owned a pair of jaybird JF3MB for some time now and i love them! they never fall out of my ears and the sound is perfect. They never cut out even with my phone in my pocket which is a plus. Ive been doing some research for a good pair and found some on They...
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