I have been passionate about portable audio since the days of the Walkman and cassette tapes but more importantly I can’t spend a day without music! I have an inclination for Blues, Jazz, Folk and everything Indie but while I rarely spend a lot of time listening to Metal or EDM, I do appreciate a wide area of genres and artists.

Audio gear is just a means to an end but I developed a picky ear very early on and pushed to higher end portable setup quite quickly. I was always looking for the best sonic experiences, buying high quality sources, earphones and tapes (oh, Sony ceramic tapes, then Philips DCC and Sony Minidisc).

I started small an grew over time : UE Triple Fi 10, PFE232, Sony XBA-Z5, Earsonics SM3 v2... and a lot more up to customs such as VE8, Phantom, FIBAE7...

I have finally started writing reviews : https://iem.reviews
Paris, France
Headphone Inventory
== CIEM ==
Custom Art FIBAE 7, Itsfit Lab Fusion, Earsonics EM10, Earsonics EM64, FIBAE Black

== UIEM ==
StealthSonics U9

== Previous ==
Vision Ears VE8, FIBAE 4, Empire Ears Phantom (CIEM), Campfire Solaris, RHA CL2, Final E5000, Piano Forte VIII, LCD i4, E800 S, Focal Elear, Campfire Vega, 64 Audio U12 - Earsonics S-EM9 - Velvet - IE800 - SE846. Sony XBA-Z5 - PFE232.

Headphones : Shure SH1840, Final Audio Pandora Hope VI, Focal Elear, Audioquest NightHawk
Headphone Amp Inventory
== Previous ==
iFi Audio iDSD Micro Black Label
Oriolus BA300S
Chord Mojo
AudioQuest Dragonfly
Sony PHA-3, FiiO E18
Source Inventory
== Current ==
Lotoo PAW 6000
Cayin N6ii + A01 +T01
iBasso DX160

== Previous ==
iBasso DX220 + AMP8 + AMP9
Hiby R6 Pro
Sony WM1Z
iBasso DX200 Ti + AMP2+ AMP3 + AMP4 + AMP5 + AMP7 + AMP8
Sony WM1-A
Onkyo DP-X1
Sony NW-ZX2
Cable Inventory
Effect Audio Ares II
Effect Audio LionHeart
Hansound Zen 8 wire
PW 1960 4 wires
Dunu Hulk
PlusSound X-Series
Whiplash TWcu v3, TWag v2
Music Preferences
Jazz, Blues, Indie pop, Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Rock, Classical


My reviews : iem.reviews | Latest reviews : Dunu Luna - Earsonics Stark - TSMR Zodiac
Sources : Lotoo PAW Gold Touch | Lotoo PAW S1 | AAW Capri

CIEM : FIBAE 7 - Itsfit Lab Fusion - EM10 - EM64 - FIBAE Black - Rhapsodio Orla | UIEM : IMR Rah - StealthSonics U9 | TSMR Zodiac | Wireless : AirPods Pro
Headphone : Audeze LCD-1 | Cables : Dunu Hulk | Dita Oslo | PW n°10 | Null Audio Tiburon (8 wire)
Previous IEM/headphones : IT01S, ALO CV5, EX1000, Final Make 2, JVC FW10000, Solaris, Final E5000, RHA CL2, Piano Forte VIII, LCD i4, IE800 S, Focal Elear, Campfire Vega, 64 Audio U12 - AK T8ie - Earsonics S-EM9 - Velvet - IE800 - SE846. Sony XBA-Z5 - PFE232.