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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Agree that a neutral SS is good but I've come to love my HE400 on my old Project Ember best. @MrMateoHead, have you tried to get a new cable? I've build quite a few cables using SMC jacks (HE400, HE400i gen1, HE560 gen2, all my Grado's, TH600, MDR-7506)and I haven't had one fail yet but...
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    I'm guessing that you are interested in a used HE400 since they were discontinued back in 2015 IIRC. If vocals is what you are looking for I'd look elsewhere since vocals are not a strong point with HE400. If you still have the SR60 I'd suggest modding them: G-pads versus the stock flat ones...
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    NEW! Fostex TH610 Premium Reference Closed-Back Headphones

    Only issue I have with most "Omega" style stands it that most put the ear pads in constant compression which I've notice will cause the pads to deteriorate faster but yours looks gorgeous and a nice match for your TH610
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    HE400 came stock with pleather pads IIRC, it also is the one I like the least due to the so-so comfort and over emphasis of the bass. Best compromise is the Focus or Dekoni elite sheepskin IMO.
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    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

    I'd be interested in hearing them also:beerchug:
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    Audeze EL-8 connectors

    Audeze will not confirm pin-out when I asked ( a few years back), they say its proprietary but I've built my own cable and this is what I built and it works. If you look at the connector it has a pointed side and flat side, pointed side faces front of headphone. Hope this helps
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    Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones

    Sorry, I still enjoy mine from time to time
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    post your grado mods....

    Try Youtube, I think there was a video or two that showed how to remove the rod blocks from the headband if that is what you are asking
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    NEW 2015 - HIFIMAN HE400S

    For a touch more bass put attenuation rings into the pads made from card stock or if you have hanging file holders that will work also. You will need to play with the size and placement to see what you like. You can find a bit more info on the TH-X00 thread, its where the idea came from IIRC
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    I like FocusPads with attenuation rings under the pads, brings up the bass just a bit but doesn't do much to the reset of the sound
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    The "non-Grado" Driver Grado Thread

    Yes, just like that👍
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    The "non-Grado" Driver Grado Thread

    Awhile back I was lucky to have a prototype driver from Nhoord and one thing I noticed was that it had dynamat around each of the 4 opened vent holes which made it produce a slight but noticeable better low end, not sub-bass level but better than mid-bass IIRC (its been over 3 years that I've...
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    The "non-Grado" Driver Grado Thread

    You might want to try some sorbothane on the Nhoord driver magnet structure and dynamat in the cups that you are using to help control the boomy low end. I'm assuming you haven't opened any vent holes on the driver as this will really make the Nhoord boomy
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    I've used a hard rubber pad mounted in the middle of the grills to bring up the mids and it works pretty good but you should experiment with size and density to see what works for you.
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    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    A bit late to reply but I've never cared for Z reviews and I think that many that have bad reviews of the HD700 never really listened to them with gear that paired well with them as @manueljenkin noted. While I also own HD800 and have borrowed a friends HD660s a few times these are very...