Semi-Retired engineer, photographer, computer geek, booze lover, bartender, foodie. Currently doing custom building/home renovations for select clients.
Golf, cooking, hanging with friends, wine, listening to music, working on cars, wood working.
watching movies (blue-ray) 70" TV with complete surround sound and a very comfortable reclining sofa. Golf, especially with the girls. Love to build custom computers, used to work as a professional photographer doing wedding and model portfolios and some travel stuff. Used to play guitar and trumpet until graduating from college, wish I had kept my guitar (Fender Strat).
Headphone Inventory
From old to new:
Don't remember before 1982, but I did have 2 or 3 headphones back then
Stax SRD-34 (owned from 1982, still going strong)
HD-455 (owned from 1983, keeping for old memories)
ATH-M30 (gave to Momi)
ATH-M50s (gave to Vicky - Yun Jin)
MDR-7506 (one of my travel headphones)
HE-400 (grill mod + rubber damping disk, custom head band, focus pads, changed mounting rings to newer metal ones, sorbothane)
Fidelio X1 (sold)
HD-598 (built new cable with 3.5/6.5 connector, gave to Jessica)
HE-400i (grill mod, built new cable-10ft long)
HE-560 #1 (gave to son)
ATH-M50x (second travel headphone)
HE-560 #2 (from Lily, grill mod)
V-Moda XS (compact travel headphone)
Momentum on-ear pink (gave to Hanna)
HD-700 (built new 10' cable)
SRH-1840 (built new 10' cable)
MDR-1A (built new 10' cable, dynamat in cups)
Momentum over-ear (built new 8' cable)
Grado SR-225e (new 9.5' cable, dynamat and felt)
Fidelio L1 (mod for changing ear pads)
LCD-2f (built new 10' cable)
Grado RS2e (installed SMC jacks for removable cables + dynamat in cups)
Momentum on-ear black (#2)
HD-800 (built new 10' cable)
HD-650 (Mogami cable, 10')
EL8 open (built new Mogami cable)
Momentum on-ear pink (gave to Jae)
Momentum on-ear pink (bd present to Lily)
Momentum on-ear pink (bd present to Racheal)
Momentum on-ear white (present for Steve)
Momentum on-ear green (present for Mina)
Momentum on-ear blue (present for Coco)
SHP-9500 (gave to Candi)
SennGrado #1 (Mahogany cups, removable cables, HIFIMAN SMC, gave to Sasha)
TH-600 (removable cable, HIFIMAN SMC)
AKG 553 (removable cable mod)
Momentum on-ear pink (Charlotte)
V-Moda XS (white, gave to Coco)
SennGrado #2 (Walnut cups, SMC connectors, sold)
SennGrado #3 (Rose wood cups, SMC connectors, dismantled, sold with 225i drivers)
DT-990 premium (Removable dual inlet cable, mini XLR)
K7XX (built Mogami cable)
V-Moda Crossfade LP (changed drivers, gave to Sarah)
Woody SR-60i, dynamat, felt in walnut cup (gave to Seoung)
V-Moda M-100 (gave to Soo Yeon)
T-1 (removable cables, mini XLR)
HD-600 (used, built new cable, sold to Tammy)
SR-009 (gift from friend Tomo, traded to Bradley)
Fidelio X2 (returned)
Woody SR-225i, walnut cups (sold)
Ypsilon driver in rosewood cups (still one of my favorites)
SR-80e woody, mahogany cups (sold drivers, reused cups)
Nhoord Red drivers in rosewood cups (sold)
Ypsilon S2 driver, mahogany cups (built for Rish)
Ypsilon S2 driver, rosewood cups (built for Gina)
TH-X00 (sent back to Rish)
Ypsilon R1 driver, mahogany cups
Nhoord Red v2 driver, mahogany cups
PS-500 (returned to owner)
Nighthawk (returned to owner)
Nhoord "Scarlet" prototype in rosewood cups
Nhoord Red V2 in GS style walnut cups (took apart)
Ypsilon G1 in GS style walnut cups (sold)
SR-60 (4 vent holes opened, dynamat: cups & back of driver, SMC jacks, leather headband)
SennGrado (3D printed cups, SMC jacks, MDR-7506 headband, sold)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Xonar DG, Xonar STX (sold), VX1 (sold), Teac AH-01, Magni (sold), Asgard 2, Lyr2, WA7d (sold), Project Ember, Teac UD-301, Crack +Speedball, SRM-007Mk2, Liquid Glass (returned to friend)

DAC: Modi (optical), Modi (USB)-sold, VX1, Modi2uber, Bifrost Uber, UD-301, Bifrost MB, AH-01
Source Inventory
Main rig: Custom built E-1245-V3 Xeon, 16GB ECC RAM, Xonar DG, GTX-1050Ti, Samsung NVMe 500GB, Samsung 500GB SSD
Other: Custom built Z170/i5 7600K, 16GB Ram, RX-470, Samsung NVMe 500GB, 4TB HD
7 other computers: work, girlfriend, son, test system, server (all with SSD, 1 AMD and 6 Intel based,
Fiio X1 silver (gave to old girlfriend)
Fiio X3
Fiio X1 gold
Fiio X3 V2
Sansa Clip sport
Cable Inventory
a whole bunch of inter connects and speaker cables from my old HIFI day (see other audio equipment). Mogami, Van Damme and Canare cables for headphones.
Power-Related Components
Other Audio Equipment
Linn Sondek, Denon and Micro Seiki turn tables, Nakamichi ZX-7, Sony Mini-Disk, Nakamichi CA-7, Nakamichi CA-5 (sold), SAE-P102, Citation XX, SAE-X10A, Mark Levinson ML-20 amps, TYR Rauna, KEF 103.2, Magnepan MG-1 (sold), DCM Time Windows (sold), Bose 901 Series IV (sold), Techincs Linear Phase 12 (sold), Magnepan 1.6, Fluance SX6, Sony STR-DA1000ES, Sony STR-DB930, NAD 3020 (1982) and a few others that I can't remember (old age or too much wine)
Music Preferences
Jazz, soft rock, classic rock, classical, pop, J-pop, K-pop, R&B, easy listening, new age, EDM, blues, Hawaiian, country and some punk.
Nikon D-100, D-700 and D-610, Nikon Lens: 300mm f2.8, 105mm f2.8 Micro, 85mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 8mm f2.8, 20-35 f2.8, bellows system, ring light. Other lens (non-Nikon): 70-210mm f2.8, 14mm f3.5, 150-500mm f5.6, white lightning studio system with 2-1200w lights, softboxes, umbrellas, gitzo, bogen, foba, Arca-Swiss tripods and heads.

Autos over the years: 1967 Mustang GT-350, 1969 Camaro Z-28 w/ 427cid, 1970 428 Cobra Jet, 1970 Boss 429 (engine only), 1975 Cutlass Supreme T-Top, 1975 Monza 2+2 (w/ 68' 302 engine), 1976 Toyota SR5 (dual side draft Webbers), 1978 Mustang II T-Top (Recaro seats, 351 Cleveland, Doug Nash 5 speed trans, 9" rear end), 1982 Corvette, 1983 Prelude, 1988 Legend Sedan, 1989 Legend Coupe, 1989 911 Turbo Cab, 1996 4Runner Ltd, 2002 S-2000, 2005 911S, 2008 M5, 2012 IS-350
Retired Engineering Designer, Photographer


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