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    Decisions, decisions, decisions

    Why dont you try electrical engineering minoring in something musical like sound recording
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    What latest CDs do you listen to?

    Quote: With regards to Elbow, just get all of it, now.   I just got the new album from TV on the Radio, seems a bit hit and miss on first listen but I'll give it more chance before judging it fully!  
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    Portal 2 is OUT!

    can't wait to get my hands on a copy! I want to see lots of tongue in cheek references to the first game (at least one cake related!).
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    iPad 2 first impressions. Will you be getting one ?

    I think the thinness makes it seem lighter too.
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    Project Café (New Nintendo Console) Let’s Speculate Like Mad Men...

    I cant see the 'porting the consoles output to the controller' idea working. I think they would more likely use it as a secondary screen for extra functionality alongside the main screen.
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    The Jeans-fi thread

    Vintage Levi 501, a tenner from Rokit in London. Awesome!
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    Phone Fi

    I currently have a ZTE F107, which was not a lot from 3 in the UK. Very much considering a Glaxy S2 though!
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    You know you're an audiophile when...

    you know you're an audiophile when you break your existing equipment just to justify buying some new kit.
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    made by Skullcandy

    ear pollution! sounds brilliant.
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    Super cheap Sony on ear 'phones

    fair enough! thats the kind of feedback I was after.
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!   I got this 2 weeks ago. Its beautiful. I always used to like large heavy metal watches but this has been a really nice change! Plus, 'retro' style Casios are so cool right now.
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    32in Sanyo?

    I would avoid sanyo to be honest. How about something like this?
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    Curry with rice is delicious

    Why is everyone talking about it as 'Curry'. Were all aware of the massive variations available arent we? Its like saying I love pie, i had pie for tea it was awesome, pie and potato is wonderful. Why dont we discuss a few specifics. One of my favourites is Dupiaza (spelling varies depending on...
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    Observations from a new fan of European soccer

    Youre right that Nani is a bit inconsistent, he is getting better though. Van der Sar is a very good goalkeeper but Man U are now looking for a replacement for him. Someone between 21 and 25 to play for the next 10-15 years. There are a few different names in the hat for that job. I am from...